Capable But Hopeless

So yep it’s been weeks since I last wrote. But, to be fair, that is what it has been like in my written journal too. Nothing going on. However, that does not reflect my life currently. I have plenty going on.

So this week has been quiet compared to the past month or so. That is mainly because I’ve had some marvelous days away. I have a great friend and lover whom spends so much time out of the country so that when he comes back he likes to treat himself. Now he is a generous person to be sure, as he also treated me and his mother, but I did get an email earlier saying he may soon get his phone cut off.

The places where we visited wouldn’t normally sit near the top of any compiled ‘places to visit’ list but we did.

Firstly, (how bad is this? I just had to reach for my diary to find out the place name as I’ve forgotten it already) Southwold, East Anglia. Very nice. Coastal, and near nothing of importance but obviously loved by those who live there. Some of whom we met and had dinner with. The hotel wasn’t much so I’m not going to bother to try and remember it’s name. It did have a huge mole problem which I really hope gets sorted for them soon.

Now the little restaurant which we had pleasure to eat in the Southwold was something to write about. It’s location was surprising and there is no way anyone would find this place unless they were told about it before. Even if you knew it was there you would have to look twice to realise there was a charming little restaurant inside the shabby exterior.

The Sole Bay Fish Company is definitely the place to eat. From outside you see a collection of wooden shacks next to old fashioned harbour.  When you get closer you get to see the glass of a massive fish tank which opens up to a market type set up which opens up again into to a handsomely sized eatery where one can see the other side of the glass tank that is at the entrance. If we had younger children, who had needed entertaining, they would have loved this cosy, efficient, and much loved restaurant.

Being the fussy eater I am. It wasn’t the first choice for me. I’m allergic to shellfish so couldn’t partake of the oysters but they did look suitable horrifying. I had some smoked haddock and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved everything about this place. Even the fact I had to leave the hut and trek to another to go to the lav didn’t upset me. Fully worth the extremely bumpy road and out of the way location.

Okay perhaps I’m not so capable. Very tired now. Write again later.