Not bitter, hope you are Arab taxi man are very happy together.


So I’ve finished with my life partner. That’s what we are supposed to call them now isnt’ it? It wasn’t intentional. I was hoping for a small argument, an apology and some financial recompense. However, I just got twatish remarks and an arrogant flounce out the front door.
It’s not the best time, the week before Christmas. I could most certainly be viewed as a bitch for putting him out on the street so to speak but the guy has just been paid and although I told him I had to transfer my savings over to do the food shopping he has not offered a penny for his upkeep. I’m much less able then most and currently supported by the state.
Thankfully, although I seem to have the majority of his belongings here, including his car on the drive whilst he works abroad, we never fully moved in with each other. I did want to go ‘legal’ but he hasn’t done his taxes and obviously didn’t want the responsibility. But he did want the home and the family lol. It was working well, him being away so much and then coming back and spoiling me and making me feel special. Him being generous and paying his way made him nice to be around.
No one minds people helping themselves if they are occassional guests. That is kind of expected, although when someone is on such a low income, such as myself, consideration of replacement of things you use should still be important.
I mean ffs lol to say this man helps himself is an understatment. He says he will replace but never does. I dont drink alcohol much, to be fair, so this doesnt bother me as much as it should do but the man can also do a fifth of a jar of jam in one sitting and I’m talking the expensive stuff, not just the ‘run of the mill’ jam. He drank all the alcohol I had available including other people’s I’d bought as gifts for them that they were keeping here because they thought it would be safe.
Instead of giving me money to replace the food he eats, he goes out and buys food that only he likes, bring it back here and puts it in the fridge. He makes no effort to get the things that I like. That does hurt. I do tell him exactly what I like and don’t like but he doesnt’ like those things so doesn’t get them.
Cooking isn’t something I do much of these days. When on my own I use ready meals. The pain and effort of preparing a meal can tire me so much I can’t actually eat the meal I’ve prepared. However, my partner doesn’t like them. He thinks they are unhealthy. Compared to a freshly prepared home cooked well balanced meal they are unhealthy but compare to no meal then they are the right choice.
Because of his outlook on ready meals I cook for him for days on the trot before breaking down crying and putting myself to bed. Only then does he ask if he should cook something. Which he does but not something I would like to eat. We do have loads of wholesome food in the freezer, like fish which he says he loves to cook with but he chose not to use.
He gets all wierd and makes a heavy fibre meal with little or no protein. The protein source being a rather old, very hard boiled egg. I like daal. It’s easy and fairly quick to prepare etc but he serves it up as if he has just done a whole masterchef deal. If I don’t say how wonderfully fabulous everything is I upset his feelings but he makes no effort to make something I would like.
I’ll tell you something else I won’t miss. His video calls from his exotic travels. He is a editorial writer. Late last year he gave a driver in service to him a large amount of money for the driver’s daughter’s up coming wedding. A wonderful jesture. kindness and generousity are wonderful traits and so everyone would agree but after the sixth time of hearing about his generous act it loses its’ ambleness. Also he really has been Lording it over me on these calls, doesn’t say anything nice to me anymore. It’s not like we see each other often.
I’m always complimetary as I know it makes people feel nice. Calling me moon face, saying I have a fat arse and big nose doesn’t really sing romantic to be frank he has been plain rude of recent weeks. I’m a size 8. But tall so not the easiest to buy clothes for…
I’m so pleased he’s gone. Writing this has really made me realise that he doesn’t give a shit about me and when it comes down to it he won’t be there for me.
The electric he uses, the water he runs, (I’m on metred water so use a dishwasher to save money, which he appears to have a problem with and keeps running the kitchen tap) bandwith, I could go on and on here but what is the point. AS I said , he’s just been paid. He did take his majestic wine order with him so I guess no one will hear from him until he’s run out of hotel money and wine.
By that time it will be time for him to go back to Saudi where the women do just pick up after the men and the men are all bros. And he’ll have a great story about how he was kicked out just before Christmas by a nasty English woman.

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