Model in Plymouth Sound by Nik Randal.

April Fool’s Day 2019

April’s Fool Day 2019 is going to be a celebration in my home.

This pagan throwback hasn’t disappeared just yet. The 1st of April is the time of year when we play jokes on others. Oh and how much do we need to laugh? We have always known laughter is great for us and that being happy is good for our health and the usual blah.

Laughter is an emotion I can get behind. Laughter is how we deal with our issues and the best way to deal with trauma once recovery has set its course in the right direction.

How healthy would our countries be if we measured wealth in happiness rather than currency?

In the past, newspapers ran the best April Fools Day stories. People believed that spaghetti grew on trees just for a moment before they realised it was not true – they were usually given a clue within the text that they were being ‘had over’.

The history of April Fool’s Day is more than Quite Interesting. It started a very long time. It has to be one the oldest traditions in our country funnily enough maybe in the world. Current search engine results will tell us it comes from when they changed the calendars, around 1752.

Proper ancient. Before then we celebrated Christmas in March.

Practical jokers would still bring around presents apparently and people would say ‘you fool, it’s not Christmas we just celebrated Christmas,’ or something like that. But that isn’t the whole story.

April Fool’s Day is heavily linked with the abduction of a daughter of a Goddess. The daughter of Agriculture. It is also linked to Pluto, Ceres and a load of other very important pre Christian, pre Islamic, pre Judaic, pre Hindi gods and goddesses.

So it is now known to us pagans as a celebration of fruitless journeys as well as fruitful. The Fool is an interesting icon. One not to be ignored. For instance, it is a powerful Tarot Card and also in popular culture it survives, with the amount of comedy on the googlebox, this much is fact.

Many traditional celebrations happen around now all over the globe – it’s Spring. It’s the natural time to celebrate motherhood and creation – but also a very busy time as it is birthing season.

Famous jokes for April Fool’s day seem to have dwindled of late but how nice would it be to wake up tomorrow morning and to be told that the last two years were actually a joke.

That it was now over. We were never coming out of Europe anyway and the powers who have been fighting over this little country of ours would just disappear.

We could all sit around and have such a good laugh at that. For me that would be the best April Fool’s Day ever.