Listen To Your Gut. Stapled Hemmoroidoplexy

Do you have bad hemmoroids? Have you been offered this operation? I should let you know that they only follow up the people who have responded well to treatment so don’t trust the figures.

I can tell you this operation is more painful than giving birth. If you are a man and you have had this treatment you can consider yourself as having reached the same pain threshold and more besides.

My advice if offered this treatment is to run away. Because after you have had this treatment you will not be running anywhere. Should you actually recover from the surgery you may have a few years before symptoms start to bother you.

After the original recovery – which they did not give me enough pain relief for – I had very little time before secondary factors hit me. I went from farting all the time to not being able to fart at all. And that wasn’t all.

I was always a little constipated – hence the need for some treatment for the hemmoroids – but nothing like this. I would be turtling and get myself to the loo. I’d go into sitting position and it was just stop there.

Hanging over the precipace. It has been ten years since my ‘non invasive’ operation for hemmohroids. I only learnt a few months ago that the ring device they spoke about putting in me was in fact 28 titianim staples fired into my rectum.

I would suggest that anyone considering this operation should look at the instrument they use. Whilst they are researching it perhaps they could redefine the wording around invasive. I feel that shoving a machine up your arse, slicing away part of your rectum tissue and then putting staples in, is a pretty invasive bloody precedure.

In the year that I spent under Watford General for my butt trouble I saw four doctors. Not one suggested anything other than this operation.

I already had an a plastic device called a TVT put in place. I did have bladder infections but was told it was nothing important, just the way I was, maybe I could control it with diet.

To cut a very long story short I am now in a grown up nappy. I have such a painful butt you wouldn’t believe.I can only tell you not to do it. Find a surgeon who knows how to do it the old way. The way without composit material and nasty inhuman machines.

Don’t listen to the hype about threatre time. They have time. If your doctor isn’t working for you then fire him.

PALS now have my medical files for Watford General. Afterwards I go for UCLH and Kings College. You see I kept all my letters too.

I have the letters saying nothing is wrong. I have the consultants reports saying my womb is fine…even though I had it removed – the nhs in Herts and London is broken.

I woke up and read my own notes. I trusted doctors. I really trusted doctors. Now that I know that so many played me for a fool it will be a long road back. That is if I ever do go back to western medicine.

I realised recently that I am just a lab rat. As a poor woman I am nothing more for the doctors to experiment on and try different drugs on.

I use the NHS service so I have had little option other than to use them. But finding out that companies can then this data to convince others into having this major operation.

However, the data is flawed as there was no follow up. Dr Livingstone left Watford General Hospital.

So I thought it’s time to share. I figure I could tell you that 282 people in nhs had this exact procedure the same year. Eight died in threatre. 16 were in intensive care. The rest weren’t followed up – I was one of those.

Out of the others no one knows how they are doing after ten years. Perhaps they will get in contact to tell me this operation changed their life.

I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos. It may be that my skin is more flexible it doesn’t mean it don’t hurt. Pain is real.

Pain can be measured by electrical impulses. An emotion is something subjective. If your doctor dismisses your pain change your doctor quickly.