That is Disgusting

The group which controls Hertfordshire which is very secretive so I wont mention it here. Has spent a lot of time in our little area of England here in the UK.

They have been busy ensuring the right people are in place for their plans.

They feel we have lost our way – perhaps we are questioning things a little too much. Looking into elite affairs a little too closely.

We started to question why we are asked to worship innocence. We started to question the real reasons we are asked to go to war.

People were losing faith in their idols, and the idols were many.

Then back in early 2000s someone remembered a great scientific discovery. They discovered humans have one common feature which binds them in tribes.

It’s called the disgust factor. In order to sell us more rubbish we dont need,things that arent good for us, items which arent good for the planet and to continue to worship innocence in His and Her names they devised a plan.

Make people disgusted at each other. It will be easier to divide them and control.

So, at first there was the light. Then came the word, but the word grew bad. Now, Earth requires no more of the same.

We must ensure that the publication and media outlets behave responsibly.

I do have a plan. It starts in the morning – like most great things, after a little rest.