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BBC Bias Media Representation and Coverage – Rich People Are Doing My Nut In
By Samantha Harris, formerly Spetch, formerly Tucker born of Rogers

I recently made myself sit through one of the most cringe worthy shows ever screened. First, I thought it was some sort of satire but apparently it was serious.

During this program a BBC presenter had four other grown men carry him and his wheelchair up a rickety wooden staircase. It had proper regal tones. Apart from the obvious fact that everyone was pretty scared. But the BBC are good at lauding it over the poor folk.

But then this BBC presenter just had to go a step further and some.The interviews with the children were strong. You could say it was emotional – yes, those kids were bloody scared.

The fearless BBC were talking to them – in the open – with loads of soldiers around you. They probably even asked them their names in front of the man with guns. They had guns. It is likely those children know very well what those guns do and yet the BBC ask them to risk their security this way??? Why???There was militia at both ends of the street.

Many of these people have been told, by the fashionablefaithgroups and other dubious groups, that invalid people are devils… that disabled people sap good people energy and load of other rubbish – so yes, they were defo scared. They are scared of vampires – it is the era of misinformation.

Perhaps the BBC presenters could work on a more humble attitude to those less fortunate and not wave their bloody degrees and righteousness upon too many poor people – it can feel a little queezy. I did think that from my cosy flat in London.

I expect being able to research is probably a necessity if you are going to go into journalism but not if you work for the BBC. It seems many of the programs are not well researched and do not represent who they are broadcasting to.

Your willingness to show animals is distress is also rather worrying. The dinosaurs really don’t need grown men sitting on female alligators – in the name of some weird fashionablefaithgroups so called science program to show TRex had a strong bite.

This sort of thing is distressing to watch and unnecessary – I can assure you of that it also send out the wrong message was so unnecessary. Thankfully science has come a lot way since that sort of thing. It has become more humane and kind.

Very fed up of paying the BBC to abuse me. The licence is expensive. In the UK we have to pay. By court order if we and refuse we get fined. It is a must do thing. I do not support the BBC. I do not like their politics.

I then made myself sit through a misleading program on how black nurses saved the nhs what sort of racist reporting is this? This is against equality laws – and even if you were allowed to say it, which you are not, it isn’t even true. How can anyone save anything which was only just made…?

The BBC need to start getting responsible with their broadcasting. Just what is their agenda?

I am a woman in a wheelchair, screwed by the NHS and I would like something which reflects who I am and the wonderful life I had led rather than the dribble you keep churning out. I would be a wonderful study of just how bias the BBC is as I drove my car to Israel in the 1990s.

From Brighton I drove my car through Europe to the middle east.

I would love to see things which reflect my life and culture. Fed up of the BBC being racist and lying about our countries history. Fed up of the BBC following other countries interests and lying about ours.

Sort it out. You ruined my childhood with your disgusting broadcasting – and now I will give you my point of view. I watched the program called Rainbow in the 1970s. I got a beating for repeating some of the things you broadcast.

I also read some pretty strange books at a young age – Shakespeare and Steven King, both authors the British elite are determined to shove on us – it’s weird stuff and it’s underage and it should not be happening.

The BBC have a responsibility to be responsible. You have our money. You have the nations souls so you have control. Please play nice.
Innocence should be protected not worshipped or hurt.
Friends in the right places re funding
Friends in the right places re housing
Friends in the right places re medical treatment

The programs this evening were so ill informed that BBC is painful to watch but you make me pay for a licence or go to jail, I have no option but to see what you are trying to brainwash UK with.

So now we know – No more dribble – proper telly please – and stop editing things weird, leave women and children alone. Stop trying to push fashionable faith agenda – we don’t need it, we are just normal folk.


  1. I don’t have a tv license because I don’t watch tv full stop. I have not watched tv for a number of years and I don’t plan to. Don’t miss it.
    My main entertainment are dvd’s. So much more enjoyable.
    I may look at the odd You Tube video. But I avoid everything else. Even what I could watch, just so that if ever they were to come knocking at my door making out I have watched something I shouldn’t, I know 100% that I haven’t. Cos I don’t trust them trying.

    BBC shouldn’t be funded by the TV license. The tv license is not worth the money. I use that money to spend on better things, than on tv.

    • You are so brave. I did stop mine but then I got immediately paranoid that they would arrest me or give me the £400 fine so was scared into paying it again – although I rarely watch tv it is nice something to just switch off for a few hours. As I have to pay for the tv licence I cannot afford netflix. It annoys me that the bbc sell on the programs on to other providers but we never get a share of that filtered down to us… And don’t get me started on the BBC orchestra….omg bunch of jumped up elites. Ruin documentaries with the music gets my goat up proper lol.

      • I got bored watching tv for some years before giving up.
        As I have mentioned, I avoid all the online stuff, even what I can watch, I still avoid. Its just YouTube on very rare occasions.
        I make sure when visitors come to my home, that they don’t use their phone for bbc websites, bbc channels and all the other tv channels.
        I have nothing to worry about when I take all the measures to avoid all the above. So I won’t be bullied.

        I remember one time when BBC1 always had a film on at night. But a load of crap now. What crap now is on since the years I don’t bother, I couldn’t care. But I know their crap has not improved when I have read a tv guide.
        When I have been on holiday in a hotel, I have put tv on, flicked through and turned it off. Dvd’s any day over a tv.