Chastity 2019 NHS England Stylie

The Tension Vaginal Tape or otherwise known as fashionablefaithgroups answer to chastity in the 21st century. How have these gynaecologist been allowed to get away with charity status and no taxes as well as damaging the patients?

I would like to applaud NHS England’s stand on chastity in the United Kingdom. It managed, without one protest, to stop thousands of women in the UK having sex.

Women on a ‘sex ban’ because of the TVT have no option but to conform. Their partners and themselves get damaged by intercourse. What kind of Government allows it’s healthcare service to do this to it’s women. This tape is torment, I hate mine, it stops me doing so many things, walking in th woods is very sorely missed.

What kind of Government would do this indeed. Perhaps a government which has been lining it’s pockets whilst in parliament rather than working for it’s constituents? This seems to be the unwritten law for politicians. Once in office they don’t do anything for normal folk.

Thousands of women have been fitted with TVT, men and women have suffered through the Starr program. These kind of experimental treatments is not what the NHS was supposed to be for. We should not have been used as lab rats for surgeries which had not been performed on humans before. It’s wrong. And now to belittle patients is worse.

What has happened the NHS??? When are the Government going to do something? DNA samples taken without permission, treatments given according to new and bizarre medical evidence. We are heading back towards the dark ages but will it end when we leave Europe or get worse?

I’m real scared it is going to get worse.