Iconology Vs Numerology Vs Publishing

wow we have so much to look forward to with all the plans to ensure our wonderful planet is looked after and loved. I noticed that religion was using publishing to educate people incorrectly and shared a numerology secret.

It has been a strange time for me. After I shared my awakening knowledge that 666 actually meant Gypsy Fox I got bombarded with viruses and abuses online and off. Then I found a book I had at school which is called country crafts. It contains some terrible history and mis-information about other cultures. Printed by the AA it makes me wonder how long industries have been dirtying the waters.

I can just see the sun through the clouds as I look out across Watford, I can see the Harry Potter studios from my flat. There isn’t much land here but we all know how important this land is to some. The Munden Estate is already a mini American Israeli state with media all over it. Then we have the George Harrison Hari Krishna crew who don’t worship Krishna anymore but something similar. Regardless of your beliefs this land is still pagan land.

The Seventhday folks homestead on Sheepcotes Lane can also be seen from my flat. My big tower block must really spoil their view. They should know I sent them blessings too for every time they pray for me. The local traveller community are taking a big hit with the new developments. A local boy was knocked off his bike and paralysed, the man who did it got off as he claimed he was scared.

Life is sad, they say to me. I don’t think so. Sad things happen but I still can hear the birds singing. Spring break is here, Beltane, Easter, Passover whatever you like to call this time of year. Summer will be upon us and soon and it is time to sow your seeds for growth. My mood is somewhat lighter, what about yours? What are your plans for the coming year?

So many changes have happened to protect our earth and those who live within its’ space. Yet there is still so much mis-information about the achievements made. Be sure to search for good local news. With so many of our local papers being owned by American companies it is difficult to get an unbiased story.

Did you know that judges held the Native Americans line for them? Great times as we move towards. Pipelines will not be put across Americans great plains for fuel firms against the community and countryside wishes. It’s good to know the law still holds. We must ensure the same for our country.

Now we have issues to do with women’s equality and child safeguarding to deal with. Women are of every race regardless of faith and as such should be and will be protected in America and the UK, where we have influence . We mustn’t allow faiths to continue to force women into marriages and families which do not have their best interests at heart.

For too long we have let race and faith dictate our social attitude. This has to stop. We are the same but different. Morality, Honour, Respect, Family are all terms used to oppress women and children in our western societies. This judgement of humanity by humanity for God, Allah or Mermaids or other such doctrines must be stopped.

To create is human.  No god has ever created anyone or ever will. People are created by the union of sex between people. Sex is normal and healthy.

FashionableFaithGroups it is time for you to look in the mirror at yourselves not others.

What a few days April 2019 has been – let’s fill the rest with peace. NO more lies about other peoples. We have the web and should be taking down fences and boundary’s not allowing others in to put them up!!! I say no to religious freedom because it does take away my freedoms and gives to much power to the family unit.

Time is now.