Women’s Equality Party European Candidate is Not Me Folks

So it seems, yet again, I am passed over for another.

There is always someone better apparently. I am supposed to stay quiet about this for now in case other members haven’t been told yet. Why? How does that make sense?

So called women’s equality. One of the first things they campaigned for was Holocaust awareness. I said I would leave but didn’t, I will give them a chance, believing that all parties get it wrong sometimes. I mean how could raising awareness of the millions of people killed in concentration camps help women’s cause today? Especially as christianity, hebrewism and islamism insist on submission of women to their male counterparts.

I was surprised at the amount of religious folk within the women’s equality party and whilst they still have my subs for now I am keeping a watchful eye on what they are actually doing for women here in the UK.

There is a lot to do. For me, I wanted to concentrate on science education for girls and access to support away from family. I would like to start a register up of mesh victims and work out how much it is costing the government to have us all signed off work. I would like to see inspectors in schools again, especially faith schools. I would like to see publishers brought to book over the subversive messages and bad information in children’s books too.

So it just remains for me to be a good egg and wish the successful candidates all the best. As I am sure all politicians think their policies are the most important so I’m sure whoever you are, you will be great.

Just please raise awareness of women not faith or family, just women.

All the best you got my vote, for now.

Edited today as I found out who the candidates are. I have withdrawn my support of WE. I have cancelled my subs.

I cannot support an organisation which is promoting family and religion over womens rights.

The south needs proper representation of its women. Native English women are being discriminated against and they are campaigning for refugee rights.

Equality for women has been taken, just like Pankhurst did, into the realm of female academics and it not representative of me at all.

Roll on reality.

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