Lots of medical mental health illnesses.

What Makes One Person More Important Than Another?

It seems to me that medical illnesses are like fashion. They come and go into popular awareness in the same way that radio keeps playing a song over and over until you start liking it. Cancer is pretty fashionable to have, you never need to explain anything. Ehlers Danlos is just weird as no one has heard of it, including most of my doctors.

I used to think funding for services and facilities was organic. If the need was there and enough people suffered then the facility and service would be provided to assist. For instance if there were enough children suffering from Autism then funding would be allocated to assist children and adults with this condition. If enough women were suffering from heart disease then funding would be allocated towards raising awareness.

However, I’ve learnt that this is not the case. Politicians and healthcare providers get together and work out which illness comes and goes in our awareness. Once these illnesses have been decided on they are then marketed with awareness posters and parents are either in the know or not. The NHS is now funding family and friends community groups. Large groups are able to organise themselves as charities and gain funding for themselves.

So, if a councillor has a special interest in an illness, perhaps a child within their family is a sufferer, it is likely that it will be funded and services provided – this is regardless of need of others in the ward.

If a council is approached for a development on it’s land it ought to be considered properly from every angle.  It isn’t about what is actually needed it is about who your friends are. As such, councillors are in the know about what can be done and when the councillor is part of a fashionablefaithgroup too well, the opportunities are endless.

I’ve been watching an area I used to live in called South Oxhey. Liberal Democrats have bombard their Facebook page with dangerous statements. There is one, Sara Bedford, councillor for Abbots Langley and friends of St.Lawrence who feels it necessary to post to the page telling the residents to ignore the petrol station attendants telling them not to use their phones in the fuelling garage. Why would any person do this?

Sara Bedford is a fashionablefaithgroup member who doesn’t come from Hertfordshire but lives here with her husband, also in politics, she has hold of the policy and funding purse strings for Three Rivers District Council. Is it her policy which has made so many locals move out and the properties made available to those who don’t have a connection to the area?

I suspect she was on the side of the new development, the service station, off junction 20 from the M25 and likes petrol but surely health and safety should still play a role here?

Claiming it is safe to use mobile phones in a fuelling station is against our British Health and Safety regulations and is a worrying trend. Why would politicians try and make you risk your life??? I have attempted to show them they are being irresponsible but I’m told I worry. Hmmm perhaps someone should be – after all we are under attack.

South Oxhey is an interesting study. The council are building housing on the guise of redeveloping the area but are not putting in any extra facilities. However, the Phoenix Midwife team managed to secure funding to deliver a concierge service. Then the founding members left and the service barely manages with it’s midwives to look after the pregnant women and newborns on the estate. These midwives have made mistakes and babies have been harmed.

As there is no feedback scheme how can the council know if the service has been supplied or successful and how does it secure funding without this process being in place? Even the new housing isn’t being allocated according to procedure in law. Three Rivers District Council, Watford Borough Council and Hertsmere Council have all been allocating property unfairly.

I argued with Sara Bedford when she assured me not one person had to leave south oxhey because of housing allocation. I did. She argued me for around three minutes before realising she didn’t have a handle on the situation. We don’t have a housing problem we have a corrupt council problem. I wait with all my evidence for a chance to show how bad Three Rivers District Council were and are. I know I was discriminated against as a disabled woman of non faith I must privately disgust them.

It seems that diabetes and autism are the new health things to get the extra cash and support and that is a good thing too as every child with an illness or disability should be counted. However, does this mean that children with arthritis or learning difficulties not diagnosed with a popular illness will not get funding, yes possibly.

Raising awareness of certain diseases over others smacks of academic importance again and with added notion that pagans are not listed on policy documents perhaps you can read between the lines, I know I can. Only those with the specific diagnoses of Autism or Diabetes will gain help easily and then there is the new ethnic bias in healthcare which says that BME people are more prone to Diabetes so not all people will be able gain benefit. It’s a division tool.

The Lib Dems have become monsters, power hungry monsters not one regard for safety, just thinking about money. We need a different leadership and council in Herts now and a new Government and soon. We need back in Europe to stop the tide of religion which is sweeping over the country like a damp squib. We need to all be equal regardless of where we come from. Yes we are all different but we are all the same.

Each service should be feedbacked for and each development scrutinized. These career politician care not about the people they represent. They care about money and there own agendas.

I’m not sure who is standing in South Oxhey but I really hope that the Lib Dems do not gain further control of any areas to do with finance, safety or health. We need more independent politicians who are able to think for themselves and that care.

No one person is more important than another. We are all equal but it does appear that some people are just a little more equal than others.