children of the army

Army Brats

This is a list of the things the army did do for me and feel that these 42 statements are unique to army children. I do moan about certain aspects of my upbringing; however, I got a great education whilst away from Britain. Also, I met some fantastic people, most of whom I am still in contact with.
I was raised knowing we were all different but the same.

I’m glad that my father joined the army and although safeguarding children is an issue which needs addressing, I do feel that army children are stronger than most as they are raised to be capable and grounded.

This was shared on Facebook and I do not know who wrote it. Should anyone know the author I would happily credit them so let them know or me know and I’ll do that.

Are we in agreement?
42 signs you were a Military child …..
1. People ask you where you’re from and you don’t even try to explain as you’re not entirely sure!
2. Your Doctor, Dentist and Chaplin wore combat boots.
3. You’ve taken a few flights that involved sitting in jump seats, wearing your winter jacket the entire flight and taken off and landing at military airports.
4. You’ve eaten more than one posh Christmas meal in the “mess” and been told to be on your best behaviour – to then watch the adults get hopelessly drunk and misbehave.
5. You always have emergency rations “MRE’S” around the house and can make a meal out of anything tinned.
6. You’ve never had to explain to your Military friends that you just found out you’re moving … again!
7. You’re the most efficient packer you know and now enjoy it.
8. You’ve known from a young age Life is not always easy or fair, but your job is to make the most of it and smile regardless.
9. You are tough, adaptable and good at making friends.
10. You wouldn’t trade your childhood and upbringing for anything in the world.
11. You know you shouldn’t, but you judge people who don’t know the phonetic alphabet.
12. Turning up 10 minutes early for an appointment means you’re late.
13. You were soooo proud you had a British military ID.
14. Anyone older than you is Sir or Mam, “No exceptions”
15. Your chores were mandatory and were always inspected military style.
16. You are born with an immediate respect for anyone in uniform.
17. Santa always turned up in a military helicopter to the Mess and wore combat boots and DPM trousers underneath his red jacket.
18. You were never alone, and even when you were, you were always fairly content and happy.
19. You’ve stood for the National Anthem in a movie theatre.
20. You have an instant connection with other brats no matter what sex or age.
21. You have friends all over the world.
22. You can “go with the flow” better than your civilian counterpart, even if you’re not comfy, you always fit in and hold yourself well in any group.
23. No one or nothing was scarier than your father’s commanding officer.
24. You’ve not got the toys you grew up with and can’t remember where they went.
25. You never ever questioned your lifestyle, things were just as they were and it was accepted, now you look back in affectionate amazement.
26. You know it’s really 1700hrs not 5pm.
27. You get excited when you meet someone who has been to the same base or country as you and have an instant bond and shed loads to talk about.
28. Going back to your own country was a complete cultural shock.
29. You never thought it was weird that you grew up inside a armed guarded cage, you just knew you were safe.
30. Your only source of communication with your Dad when he was away were “blueys”.
31. In school, you had fire drills, but you also had nuclear war drill and prepared for terrorist attacks.
32. You put German curry sauce on everything and love trying new foods and flavours.
33. You feel somewhat sorry for civilian children and feel like they have missed out.
34. Having the amount of different schools attended as you did is a kind of badge of honour but you can’t remember more than two teachers names, what school they taught you in or what year!
35. You’ve worn military green thermal socks that doubled up every Christmas as your Christmas stocking.
36. You’ve looked under your car for bombs or devices, also had your school bus searched twice a day by armed soldiers considered normal.
37. You never bothered to memorize your home telephone number, it changed too frequently.
38. You refer to non-school clothes as “civvies.”
39. It wasn’t alarming or nothing new to see guys jump out of airplanes or dangle from speeding helicopters.
40. You can’t keep track of how many houses you’ve lived in but can remember the view from your bedroom windows.
41. You are probably one of a few people that have actually fully read this whole post and liked and shared it.
42. You can’t stop finding reasons why being a Military brat is great.

Thank you for reading.