Now I’m Cooking! Kind of a Disability Review of my New Cooker.

My New Cooker for my New Flat  –  Zanussi Ceramic Cooker

My new cooker is shiny and modern. It is electric because there is no gas allowed in my block and no gas runs to the flats themselves. I was exceptionally happy to have it delivered. Pleased, because it was second cooker I’d ordered in a month.

I’d waited patiently for the first one. You know what it is like. At first living off take outs and microwave food until it arrives isn’t so bad. I had made it clear when I ordered the item that I lived in a high rise, but it was all level access with two working lifts to my floor and electronic doors.

Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was disappointed when the delivery driver called me and asked me to come down sixteen floors and collect it.

He claimed his firm’s insurance only covered them to deliver to a normal house. I said there was no way I could come and get it myself with my wheelchair and without a trolley. I asked him politely to consider bringing up the cooker anyway but no it wasn’t allowed. The trolley had to stay at ground level. So, the oven got sent back.

I waited six days for the money to be refunded before I could order another oven. To be fair I was getting really fed up of microwave meals and cuppa soups by this stage. I had moved into my new home and not yet been able to cook a decent meal. I was staying positive knowing my microwave misery was about to end, at last, with the delivery of my new super, double oven, ceramic hob cooker.

I waited patiently for the second cooker to arrive. I pulled out the old Argos cooker. What a piece of shit. The sticker, on the back of the oven said it was two years old and good for another eight. I had disconnected it the moment I had moved in. When I had pulled it out of its position to disconnect it, I was shocked at it’s open back. I disconnected it safely, there were scorch marks all up the back of the oven and the cable sheaving was also heat damaged. I cleaned the area the new cooker was going into.

When the doorbell rang, I could hardly contain myself. I’d already taken out the first frozen meal I was going cook in the new oven out of the freezer. Sautéed potatoes with creamy leak and onion sauce on chicken. The delivery was going well, the new cooker made it all the way up to my floor, then into my kitchen without incident.

The delivery man, a young man in his early twenties stood in my kitchen and wouldn’t go as I had not paid for the connection of the cooker. I assured him I was perfectly capable and was in fact actually qualified as I held City & Guilds electrical installation qualifications with distinctions. He still just stood there. I told him it was fine for him to take the old cooker and go…but no he just stood there looking awkward.

Eventually I said, “My son will be back from work later and he’ll help me connect it all up.”

This did the trick. I was left with my new cooker, which I during unwrapped and connected up. It wasn’t an easy job, awkward as a buck, but it was done within a couple of hours – a healthier electrician would have done it sooner I expect but it is still good to know I can save myself a little cash when I can.

My new cooker, with it’s ceramic hob and double oven feature looks stunning. It slotted in just nice with under a cm either side. It’s black and silver design is sleek and easy to wipe down. The smaller, top oven saves time and money as it’s less space to heat up. For one meal this is perfect and as yet,  I have only used the bottom oven when I have guests.

I’ll be honest. It was a compromise taking a flat without gas supply because I wouldn’t’ be able to take my gas cooker with me. I wasn’t sure I was going to gel with an electric cooker, but I’ve gotten used to the ceramic heating system very quickly and would say once you have adjusted your cooking style to suit it’s great.

Zanussi was my choice and I haven’t been let down. It cooks things super-fast and is easy to look after and wipe down. It comes apart for cleaning which is always an added bonus. It has a warning light on the hob the whole time it remains hot – just in case you forget that you just used the hob and it’s still hot but doesn’t look it.

It’s “A” efficiency so I feel that I am not wasting energy every time I cook just for one. All in all, I love my Zanussi cooker and would recommend anyone changing from gas over to ceramic and going for a top oven grill feature. Another noted benefit, for disabled people who are independent, is the top oven’s accessibility – I can open and put things in and out of it easily whilst sat in my wheelchair.

Regarding connecting the cooker, I can do it myself – safety first folks – always treat electric with respect. Never attempt to connect anything to the electric supply unless you know what you are doing. Always employ someone qualified when dealing with electric.