English houses 2019 Lots of trees.

Food For Thoughts

Food is free – fruit, berries, herbs, nuts and grubs – how did trade take these from me?

Light is free – a switch cannot turn off the stars – how can my usage effect this resource?

Electricity is free – the earth’s potential is ours to harness (static, wind, wave, solar) – energy can only change state, not waste

Gas is free – it escapes from land and mammal bountifully – and hot air is all around

Love is free – friend or neighbour can give or recieve – no need for traps of attractiveness to be

Race is free – to compete is our choice

Land is free – it stands underneath me as dirt – land shifts with time, how can it be owned?

All these things are with me today. What do you think about?

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We are the sum of ourselves. Creative.

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