Top London Hospital Admits Patient Safety is at Risk.

Kings College Hospital is putting the safety of some of it’s patients at risk. Safeguarding patients should be at the forefront of hospital policy. KCH are admitting to having lost control, in part, by being unable to investigate historical cases.

I have been waiting for an investigation into what happened to me during a routine operation at Denmark House, London.

Here is the response I am getting…

Thank you for your email. I have escalated this to the General Manager. This was initially forwarded to the Service Manager. We were waiting for advice from the consultants as confirmed by the Service Manager.

I am unable to log your complaint formally as this is over 12months – please refer to our complaints procedure. Therefore the way forward is advice from our Service Managers and the Division.

It’s polite, for sure, but it never goes anywhere. Saying that there isn’t a complaints procedure for me to follow as it’s over 12 months is not responsible.

Put as briefly as I can, after theatre I had a major problem with the oxygen mask where I almost lost my life. I complained. It happened on the 12th December 2012. I also asked some questions regarding the other patients who were lying, in gowns, sleeping next to me in the freezing corridor.

Then, last year, I requested a copy of the letter the consultant wrote to my obviously inadequate GP. This urogynaecological consultant said my womb and cervix (removed by hysterectomy at another hospital previously) were fine and not eroded by the TVT mesh.

Outraged, I complained again and asked them to re-investigate the attack on me and investigate the operation. I did it as soon as I found out. Now it’s been a year since I started asking Kings College Hospital London again.

So if you or a loved one are booked into London College Hospital, be very cautious of how you are being looked after. I have written a partial account on my blog for you, but basically I woke in the cold corridor – supposedly in ‘Recovery’ and had an ugly incident with staff and oxygen mask.

So, there is two incidents or situations for them to investigate, the oxygen mask attack in recovery and the surgical operation to view the TVT mesh, I was put under General Anaesthetic for, they couldn’t have done it as the womb cannot regenerate.

As yet, I have not named the consultant online but I feel that the hospital, in it’s refusal to take this seriously and respond in a reasonable amount of time, is leaving me little option but to name them. I know that the consultant is aware of the situation as I called them.

Incidentally, when I did call the consultant… In the truly demonic style of the arrogant doctor, they advised me to get my GP to refer me to them. After so many years of suffering, which could have been cut short by this consultant doing their job, I found myself slamming down the phone.

In 2012, this consultant concluded the mesh was not the reason why I couldn’t have sex. It was not the reason that I was in continual groin pain or had blood in my urine… As a result, I was sent for physio, the physiotherapy I was given was not appropriate and it snapped the TVT mesh completely and I am now spending a lot of my time in a wheelchair.

I am awaiting removal of the TVT mesh – it’s seven years later, now 2019. That is seven years of my life. Four of which have been spent on benefits as I can not work consistently well enough to support myself financially.

The NHS consultant who lied and cheated me continues to get their £70,000 a year tax free plus the other benefits – Johnson and Johnson flew the consultants out to Las Vegas, as a bonus for installing the TVTs…I digress sorry…brain fog.

So, as I said, I called the consultant, their arrogant and dismissive response was to get my GP to refer me to them… Obviously I am not going to do that. So, I find myself waiting, I am now waiting for the investigation into my care at King College Hospital but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m also waiting for the mesh to be removed…the NHS quick to put it in and poison me and deny they are doing so. Unfortunately, not so fast to remedy their mistakes.

I will continue to share as I suspect I am not the only patient suffering because of the mesh or Kings College Hospital.

14th February 2022

After hearing that there will be no recourse for mesh sufferers and that victims of our national health system will be limited to £25,000 compensation, should that be granted, after going to court (and winning).

I’m privvy to my medical records and they are terrible. It made me realise that I should have fought harder over the years to correct errors as they occurred and taken more interest, rather than believing the NHS had me covered.

As such I believe I have no option but to name the consultants. I believe that it is up to them to demand more from pharmaceutical firms, that they should have listened and that they should be listening now rather than sitting back watching the government and their patients arguing about putting it right.

It is doctors that are running away from this problem and asking for more funding from the NHS to sort it out when they should really feel some amount of shame and guilt, get together and sort it out regardless of money.

I understand that doctors don’t join the medical profession to help but that is why they should be joining the medical profession.

So, at the University College London, the female gynae I was under who failed to see that I don’t have a womb and wrote a report claiming that my womb was fine and not being eroded by the TVT mesh was LINDA CARDOZO. This lady is generally rude and to be honest deserves no loyality from me.

The implanting surgeon, who to be frank appeared to be lovely and has a great bedside manner, is ANDREW HEXTAL. He is the gynae based at St. Albans City who decided, in 2005, that the TVT mesh would be better for me than the colpulsuspension.

Am I saying these are bad doctors? To me they’ve been lacking. Cardozo esp.

Also, absolutely nothing, has happened regarding my ‘assault’ in recovery on the 12.12.12. It bruised me and left me scared. No one has answered my questions as to why so many of us were laying out in the cold like that either.