Snap. Revenge is Best Served Cold

working title cover for book

Written by Samantha Harris

This series of books follows a trainee doctor who leads a double life as a high class call girl. Unwittingly getting involved in a game of life or death being gambled across the globe. This first book introduces us to Sarah Cacroft and tells how she becomes involved in the criminal underworld of Watford, Greater London, England.

The author has found her time getting around to writing with starting writing her first book in Dec 2018 at the ripe age of fifty. Writing has always been a love of Samantha’s but her recent illness showed her that it could be useful to earn a crust now that physical work was no longer an option.

Miss Harris’s background is vague and varied. Not many children are unfortunate enough to be left by their mother and raised by their remarried father and stepmother. Leaving school as soon as possible in order to leave ‘home’ she worked in a series of professions never truly finding her feet until she become a model instructor in Brighton in the 1990s.

Falling out of love for the fashion industry and realising that fashion was on a road to instella destruction Samantha decided to retrain and returned to college. Training and becoming an electrician was one of her proudest achievements but illness struck again and she was medically retired from electrical manual work in 2010,

After a short stint in music and then jewellery she become too ill to work completely but after some research, a move of house and much support from her youngest daughter Samantha Harris has managed to achieve the impossible and now write a book.

It’s called Snap 1. Revenge is Best Served Cold.

The first book is finished and Samantha is now writing the second in the series.

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