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Things I No Longer Care About – Personal List

This list is not finished so will be added to as necessary. If I start to care about something again I will remove it from the list. Until then, this is a list of the things I currently do not care about.

Items I’ve dropped on the floor. They can stay there until needed or I have my grabber.

Putting things in cupboards. Why have a two step process when one will suffice?

Eating sugar. There is no fat is sugar as long as I move my arse and brush my teeth it just gives me energy.

Eating meat. There is a heap of protein in meat. I like it. it makes me feel and be strong.

Levelling up in my game. It’s been five years, it’s getting boring but I’m invested.

Opinions. What people think of my writing as long as they read it.

Pagan Paranoia. Whether the combined religions are going to take over, it’s never going to happen, they can’t agree on anything.

Recycling. Been doing it for thirty years and then they put plastic inside me. Go figure. Now everything goes down the rubbish chute.

Offending people. I have been offended all my life and been polite enough to take it. It’s their turn.

I wrote this is eleven minutes and didn’t edit.

I also don’t care that I appear stupid, as long as you are reading 🙂 That is a lie, obviously I’d die if you didn’t read me.

November 7th 2019

Annoying my son.

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