woman with an empty glass

Empty Glass – poem

Empty glass, my arse, oh where to begin

Chores left undone as I’m thinking of him

Years ago, it started

Friends, we departed.

Good friends again, in recent years

Regardless of my paranoid fears.

Frequently I’ve wanted him near

But that closeness, I have found

Has caused problems abound

So now we see each other

In the metaphysical

Still my heart does grow

Recognising a fixation in soul

Ah, but perhaps I am wrong

Does his heart sing to a different song?

With distance in between

One must trust the seam

Of fate’s spidery web

Always one step ahead

I remain entangled

Somehow, integral to every thread…

I raise a glass to that fancy arse

Those sweet cheeks so meek

The duty is his to complete

Forever a man as all men can be

He’ll always be a hero to me

And should he see me

He ought not to feel bad

As he was the best bloke

That I never had

The End.

Samantha’s ramblings on ‘friends far away and maybe lost forever’.

 17th September 2019