A foot is seen bound to the machine in Mayan Art

Passwords – poem

Magic pathways

Secret codes

Short story, never to be told

Futile times, keeping things hid

Remembering the name of the lid

Now where did I put it?

I know that’s what it is.

Knowing someone, somewhere

Knows what it is

Will they give you a clue?

A wink, shake or a nod?

Of course not…

There has never been dialogue

It’s a one way deal

Forget that and files are lost

Remember your password

At all costs

The End

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris 17th September 2019.

Being a paranoidly cautious type means I don’t have the same password for anything online or off. My memory is pretty good for most but occasionally, I panic as I’ve forgotten one. ..