A foot is seen bound to the machine in Mayan Art

Passwords (prose)

Magic pathways

Secret codes

Short story, never to be told

Futile times, keeping things hid

Remembering the name of the lid

Now where did I put it?

I know that’s what it is.

Knowing someone, somewhere

Knows what it is

Will they give you a clue?

A wink, shake or a nod?

Of course not…

There has never been dialogue

It’s a one way deal

Forget that and files are lost

Remember your password

At all costs

The End

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris 17th September 2019.

Being a paranoidly cautious type means I don’t have the same password for anything online or off. My memory is pretty good for most but occasionally, I panic as I’ve forgotten one. ..

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