Real Women’s Equality Please? (Article)

We understand don’t we? Oh yes we understand inequality only too well.

There is so much to be done for women in medical terms but somehow women are dying younger and they are dying of preventable illnesses.

The medical profession is still unsure of our anatomy – blimey.

Did you know women have a prostate gland attached to the bladder just like men but for some reason they are still arguing as to what is it to be named so it is referred to as Skene gland. But does the same thing in women as men…yep.

In ignorance most women do not know they have this gland in fact most doctors don’t – also they do not know what it does in women because all the research and trials are done on men, and female prostate cancer is rare. Or so they tell us.

Did you know that the clitoris was only mapped out anatomically in 2009 yep that is just ten years ago…and is not in many medical books yet. …WTF??

I say it’s an important muscle or maybe even organ, as it wraps around the vaginal tube. As it is muscle it may help to protect the vagina, so the stronger the clitoris is perhaps the stronger the vagina and less chance of prolapse after child birth? Who knows? No one knows? Why? Because there has been no research.

Problems after child birth are common, especially with only being allowed in hospital for a few hours and then off you go home. More women suffer from prolapse now than ever before. Why? Because even though common sense says women should rest after pushing like buggery, there is no research to prove it. So they are encouraged to get moving immediately.

Basically, doctors don’t know women. They haven’t progressed much with us at all.

This really angers me. What the feck have they been doing for last few centuries????

One of the worse things is I can’t even complain that it is men that are the problem. Quite frankly women have been doctors for years and obviously like the status quo. In fact one of the most shocking smear examinations I ever had was by a female.

I mean this is England in 2019. We have had a national health system for decades now and it’s had a lot of money so how are we not understanding that women are half the population and deserve the same treatment as men?

Don’t even get me started or heart or lung care for women in the UK. A man goes into A&E clutching his chest and gets all the necessary advice and treatments. A woman goes into A& E clutching her chest and she’s asked if she is anxious. Even if it is proven she has a heart condition she will not get the same treatment.

This is unjust, this is unequal.

There is no research for the UK but I did find this great video regarding the problems faced for women trying to get treatment in the US

I suspect doctors don’t realise the extent of the ignorance. I know that most of mine don’t. I would never have been fitted with mesh tape right across my poor clitoris if more doctors knew where it was or it’s importance.

The healthcare profession owes it to themselves to get back in control with fact based, properly researched medicine. Just one trip to ResearchGate makes me feel nothing is being done – if anything it is getting worse.

Like the paper regarding women’s pain levels after hysterectomy…which I don’t think even deserves the paper it may have been written on. And if it was were, where was the control? I suspect men would also feel weepy and want pain relief after losing a major organ too.

At what point are women’s equality groups going to start doing something other than moan about minority women’s rights or gay women’s rights? This medical health situation affects all women and is truly an equality issue.

 I live in hope.

Added 1st October 2019.


  1. There is a lesson to be learned, some of us are prepared to argue on behalf of women that we are all equal under the sky, makes no difference what gender someone perceives themselves as being. True happiness and an end to the war between sexes can only happen when we realise that under the skin we are all, basically, the same.
    There are physical differences between the sexes (genitalia, hair and chest) however if you strip anyone down to the skeleton there isn’t that big a difference (number of ribs and pelvic region). Genes show that men have a Y chromosone while women don’t. Is this such a big deal? Enough to war over? Personally I don’t think so and your post above would seem to agree with me that we are all basically the same inside our skins.

    • I love it when I learn something new but I have to admit to being quite angry as I’ve been researching medical articles. How doctors find their way around all the new medical advice and the terrible systems and codes is beyond me. Those folks are saints!