Not a real presentation of an alien spacecraft

Walls Can’t Keep Out Aliens – Article

I’ve read some considerable words regarding walls and aliens this week.

It is very confusing. It seems there are legal aliens and illegal aliens – does this mean that we, as Earthlings, provide visa’s OMG that is the ‘men in black’ story.

I saw a spaceship in 1991 – you can call it a UFO if you like, but I will identify it as a large craft in the sky above me that wasn’t from Earth. I’m a forces child. I know what we on earth are capable of building.

Now, I’ve been looking at those walls…and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the souls which reside in that spaceship will be over these concrete barriers in milliseconds, should they actually want to. Those walls will be like carving through butter with plasma gun for them. In fact they may even have plasma guns.

Then I got to thinking about what could keep out aliens. So I went on a little search for technology which could help our fair planet. I didn’t find anything specific but I did find this fantastic plan to block out the sun. Funded by Bill Gates!!!


Not only would this cloud shield us from the sun it may also provide cover from the aliens. This does, of course, depend on what kind of technology the aliens have. Like I previously have said they can build craft larger than we can and that craft can stay in our skies, hovering without a sound.

I suspect..that simple cloud cover in itself wouldn’t do it. It would need to have some sort of electrical disruption element (within the cloud structure) in order to attack the online systems of the craft.

However, if our earth’s new defence system were to do this, then it would make it hard for our own communication systems to work. I’d like to think this wasn’t an option – I love the world communication that we currently have.

Also, there is a risk factor too, many in fact. Least of which would be that blocking out the visibility of the planet doesn’t mean the craft won’t be able to sense us through other tech or fire something at us to see if we are still here. Almost like a giant hadron collider in space. Giant ping pong.

The ‘cloud’ plan does have the added bonus of stopping the sun so that neither the aliens or us can use it for free energy…that’s good eh? But if the spacecraft isn’t using the sun’s energy to power itself then we will be stuffed.

Let’s hope they iron these little crinkles out before throwing too much money at it. Think of all those homes and hospitals needing rebuilding after the strange weather conditions the earth has always had – I bet they could do with some cash too, obviously after the walls are built.