Talk is Cheap – Poem

Interpretation can make

Or destroy an nation

The word is blind

Until sat on the line

So make of it as you will

We all die still

Whether we go to heavens above

Or just in the ground with love

I have no right to judge you

That is my view

I only defend myself

and those that I love too

I wish you would fly

To skies far above

Just leave our little planet

Alone with some love

Designed to not be

Fleas fly intractably

Within things we cannot see

That’s the true meaning of impropriety

Clever dumbing down

I just became history’s clown

No updates on words forever more

You’ve gone shut the stable door

Many run around

Attempting to right

All those you’ve run aground

Whores are not the problem

Stigma still abound



You have not found

I’m sure it feels for you, so tall

Distance is great

Travelling from grace

The meek inherit the earth

Yet you still scream at us





The End.


By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

Battle with religion and morality.