The Key to the Gates – A Poem

No one controls death’s throws

This I do believe

No one controls that gate

We freely go, we freely leave


To pay a price in life

Tickets to achieve

To gain entrance through the gate

Already open I believe


Surely this con, this lie

Could not be achieved

Aha but it is so

Do you not see?


Unlikely bedfellows you and me

Not for long but long enough

The cannon of carnality

Saddened to an enlightened me


Again, I ask, make free the gate

Confession is not absolution

Absolution is grate

Fee paid, name entered, clean slate


Confession replaced confrontation

This is the real key

Lack of confrontation

Appears to misalign the vestry


So long this has carried on now

For centuries and centuries, it be

Lined up, the little soldiers

All protecting the key


Perhaps they will say I’m a demon

I’m what ever you want me to be

I’m human so capable of being

Truly captured and truly free




By Samantha Harris unextraordinarybint