tower block shadow

Home – A Gentle Poem

I watch the clouds

Shapes form and drown

The sunlight glistens through

Formations of winged worlds

Make and break

On my horizon, true

Tick tock of time

Measures each view

In beat with the train as it chugs through

Listening to the gusty wind

Watching lights flash orange

Yellow, green, red, no blue

Tail lights snaking

Away up the road

Souls bracing against the cold

Now the sirens and flash of blue

Choppers slice, break the air above

Then silence again

The wind whistles through

The home I love


by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris


My home looks like some sort of tower block transformer in shadow!

I love being at home nowadays – it has taken time and now I’m appreciating this space. Tower blocks are not everyone’s choice, but the views are amazing. What I see out my windows inspires me almost every single day – people watching for sure but more so the amazing English weather.

Have you made a move of home to cater for a change in your lifestyle, health or otherwise? How did you find the adjustment of living space and pace? Do you think one ever truly unpacks?

Thanks again for your time.







  1. Your poem did an excellent job of conveying your observations. Yes, I did move because I was tired of living in a big city, with all of its trappings. I live in a rural area now, and I enjoy the lack of traffic and commotion that I used to live with.