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Modesty – Beauty is Skin Deep (poem)

You twist modesty
Into something which cannot be
Some strange theory it’s become
Excuse me, but fuck you
You know exactly what you’ve done
When you cover with faithful zest
You’re saying
I am best
You are ‘more godly’
So, because of you
A change comes to how I am viewed
To make you understand
This isn’t just about land
It matters not the hue
Or who you belong to
All sing the same song
Modesty is best
Damn the rest
My achievements
The bushel behind which they hide
Are valued in modesty
For me to decide
Judgement is not down to you
Regardless of your gowns
Don’t be looking at me up and down
Look in the mirror at you.
How can we see your modesty?
You could be ugly too.

The End.
By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris. 19th October 2019.

This poem speaks for itself. About all religions dictating how people should or shouldn’t dress. Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindi’s, Muslims, Catholics all have dress codes to do with modesty which are linked to how someone looks rather than how they act.