Shifting winds move quickly across the window view.

Shifting – A Poem About Wind

Wind bouncing, soaring, roaring

Whooshing, tapping, gusting,

Squeezing through, whistling and wheezing

Blustering against the pane

Calm for a moment

Then howling

Flapping, snapping forwards and back

Quiet gusts and then

Splintered glass

Debris on a ground attack

It comes around again

Banging, huffing and puffing

Forcing at the door

It’s coming back for more

Blasting against my past

For days these winds last.


By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris


The weather is so interchangeable in England but none more so than in October  when the winds whip up storms and clean out the cobwebs.


Thanks for reading.


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