division leads to zero

Difference – Poem

‘Often I question, what the difference is

This decision to divide

Growing to include all of you

A fear of identity loss ensues

Biologically we are all different


Or what a world this would be!

Boring, no colour or individuality.

Wondrin’ who benefits

From the divide

Will turn one’s head inside

Their reason for secrets

Hiding history which was alive

Squirrelled away, in room fifty five


Still, it’s all a bit much for me

I’m tired of the mediocrity

An idealist view is born

This is not the truth

It’s just reality deformed

Differences are many between you and me

Half of them are visible

Most of which we cannot see

But if you were to imagine

How biologically…

We are all identical

Across land and sea


In mathematics

1 – 1 = 0

Human brains can see


Take a sum from us and

The difference will be less

Division and difference both cost


Value from the total sum is lost.



By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris