Now, I am White/Other – So Bite Me. (article)

estranged family headache

It’s time to start lying about your ethnicity. Especially if you live in or around London.

In order to gain proper healthcare in the UK National Health System one must lie about where you originate. Shamefully, this is the only way to ensure the same care as everyone else is getting, especially on vaccines.

The British National Health System is now so corrupt I cannot see how it could be sorted out by continually lying about the health of different nationalities. For instance, according to NHS England every race other than whites are prone to health problems if they get obese. However, this is statistically incorrect. False. Not true. So why are the NHS doing this and continually getting away with it? Apathy? Corruption?

Check out the British national Body Mass Index calculator for the NHS compared the world wide one and you will see a difference in the advice given by ethnicity on the NHS calculator. If filled out for any ethnicity you will get the stark warning of:

“Your ethnicity means you will be at high risk of health issues at a BMI of 27.5 and above.”

Now do it for the one beginning with W.

The truth is every human, regardless of ethnicity, is at risk of health issues with a BMI of over 27.5. Discrimination is when the same services and advice are not given!

This is a international Body Mass Index calculator – please note lack of ethnicity choice.

It’s that easy. Who is instigating these policies? I have complained about the BMI checker to the NHS on every front that I can…they don’t care. It’s like the mental health worker who comes around to visit me. She talks of her childhood and how her mother would invite white children over so ‘they could have a decent meal’. The same worker then would then tell me that as a Muslim woman she is more likely to be raped by skinheads and the racism towards her is terrible. As she wears western clothes I fail to to see how her being Muslim would have anything to do with it …I digress.

I read many reports – as much as one person can stomach on how badly BME staff are treated in the NHS and when reading articles and papers from the NHS I’ve discovered there is no evidence to back up their claims. None or very little. In fact everything points to equality within complaints against white or BME staff but that black staff are more likely to complain…that isn’t the same as black staff being mistreated.

It all makes for very frustrating reading. I’m not suggesting that instances of racism don’t happen – I know they do. However evidence is lacking for the numbers and shifts in policy funding towards certain ethnicity. Bad clinical judgement is bad clinical judgement regardless of the colour of the Doctor. The retraining of staff who continue to put patients at risk is not a fair policy to the patients.

Does race affect the treatment received? It’s very difficult to find out as there are no feedback reports which can be trusted to give an honest account. I know that feedback forms are kept away from patients whom the ward do not want the opinion of. I also know that complaints against NHS staff and NHS doctors are not listened to or in my case continue to be investigated years after the event…leaving me with no legal recourse.

This is now my personal opinion.

I am implying that some BME doctors are using race to hold off complaints that are totally valid and often to do with clinical judgement. I’m also claiming that some organisations are funnelling money towards preferred nationalities, like the South Asian Gene and Health program from the NHS to give preferred treatments and services. I believe that they are encouraged to do for political reasons to cause division.


Regarding my grandchildren. They are both white European. Being born in the London area they are funded for TB vaccine but because my daughter put the first child down as white and the second as white/other – only the second child qualifies for TB vaccine.

Immediately my daughter became concerned for the first child. My daughter and I are fully behind vaccinations. We would like the grandchildren to be both immunised against TB as we know several people with TB in our local area. It seems although both children are funded for the vaccine but only children who are listed as white/other or of other non UK born descent will be given it.

Black British baby, Arab baby, Pakistani baby, etc all will be vaccinated on NHS but no white babies. I think this is unfair and is discriminatory against the white ethnicity.  Children are equally at risk as they both live in the area where TB is prevalent. All children are funded for the vaccine by the Government because they live in London so regardless of ethnicity they ought to qualify but that is not what the NHS Trusts are doing. This is corruption. Where does the money go that was ring fenced for all the children to be vaccinated?

However, as soon as I mention racism or discrimination against whites there is a silence from the NHS and the Quality Care Commission. I have requested evidence to support the funding of special health considerations for BME patients but have been presented with none nor can I find any evidence that black or brown or green or pink people get sicker more than others.

By continually telling Doctors that white people are stronger or less likely to get sick the NHS is creating a field where white people are profiled in a completely different fashion  to other patients. For instance a white woman complaining of heart or chest pain is much more likely to be told it’s anxiousness than if a man of South Asian descent presents with chest pain at A&E.

Although heart disease is the biggest killer of women (white or other) in Britain.

For my own story I can say that I have been discriminated against and have complained at length with no real satisfaction so I wont be quiet about the things which have happened to me under NHS system any more. I’ve discharged myself from most of the hospitals I was under as the mistakes are piling up to a dangerous level.

I’m fifty years old and ever since I saw my first NHS doctor at sixteen after passing out on a bus and then at home, I’ve had a hit and miss affair with GP’s.

An male Indonesian GP up in Stoke on Trent, gave me antibiotics for Shingles when I was twenty years old but didn’t tell me that my contraceptive pill wouldn’t work because of them…so the boyfriend who gave me shingles also gave me a pregnancy. These are life altering mistakes. It was a known side effect of the antibiotics but the GP failed to tell me.

I’ve moved around the UK a lot over the years and can say London is especially bad. Sometimes the doctors do not understand you and they get angry with you for requesting little things like asking them to wash their hands before touching your child. One African Doctor did this at North Middlesex Hospital, he still had blood on his hands from the previous baby and then he went to take blood from my daughter.

I would visit my GP in Woodgreen, London. He was an Indian doctor, for my pain relief as I have Ehlers Danlos… he would tell me to pop on the bench and take my panties off, every consultation. He would also urge me to sign for contraception I wasn’t getting (having changed to condoms for safety) for his funding.

I’d put up with most sick people I needed my pain medication. Like most young mums I had plenty of other things to worry about and didn’t have time to complain about a doctor who was just as bad as the last one. At least I was getting some pain relief from him although I discovered the Emflex should have only been for short periods and after two years I started to have stomach ulcers and had to change pain relief.

Another time, during a routine operation to remove endometriosis from some of my other organs at North Middlesex hospital, London, whilst I was under a Pakistani Gynaecologist an attempt was made to trick me into having a full hysterectomy when I didn’t need it or want it.

He’d asked me on the ward if I just wanted it removed and I had firmly said no. The surgeon asked  me to sign a consent for the hysterectomy after giving me my pre theatre medication ie when I was heavily under the influence of major knock out drugs.

Thankfully I don’t knock out easy because I have Ehlers Danlos and was able to read the paperwork and refuse…other women were not so lucky. I went on to have a lovely baby boy a few years later as I’ve said others were not able to. The scandal was in the papers.

I was physically assaulted by several black nurses in Kings College Hospital London and I have verbally abused by several brown coloured skin doctors over the years. I realise that calling anyone brown skinned is not nice by why should I refer to people by their nationality when I have to be just ‘white’?

I would add here that I have never racially abused anyone until a few months when within the confines of my flat, in anger of the things I’m learning, I slipped up and called a Pakistani doctor a paki. Oh yeah, I get really mean.

In order to be politically correct in the UK I must refer to tanned skinned people as  ‘South Asian’ although many do not some from South Asia. It would seem less disrespectful to just visibly describe someone rather than get their nationality wrong but hey ho with all this categorisation in the UK I’m thoroughly fed up.

I should describe myself as blue seeing as I have Ehlers Danlos!

I miss the fantastic female GP  I had in Brighton in the 1980’s. She was Chinese. Without Dr Chung’s advice I would never have gotten the Ehlers Danlos diagnosed.  I can honestly say I’ve been discriminated against by almost every doctor I’ve had since her and they have mainly been of some sort of South Asian descent.

So being that the NHS is rather low on Chinese Doctors these days we have to live with what we have. I’ve realised that by changing my ethnicity on the paperwork it may make a difference to how I am treated so I’m doing it. If nothing more it will mess up the NHS neat little divisive tactics. If I had children at least they would be offered the vaccines they should have and are entitled to.

It’s sad, I realise but as we are all equally at risk at getting ill we cannot allow the NHS to funnel funds and treatments away from ourselves and our loved ones. Ideally the ethnicity lists and categories should be removed from the NHS health care system.

I have lost many friends over the last few years all were too young to have died and they died of preventable illnesses or undiagnosed cancer, missed tumours on scans or just plain neglect on NHS wards (white and in their fifties) or being pushed too hard by their family and never going to the doctor (my only black friend).

Equality can never be achieved by division nor should it be measured in profits.

The NHS is continually calling for less racism yet it promotes racism within it’s ranks and it’s treatments and then expects patients not to notice.  Well patients notice.

My ex-boyfriend had TB. He was tested and treated for it after having a cough. He was born and raised here in Watford but his family are from Uganda. Same age as me so he had the TB vaccine as a teenager under the old NHS system. When he got ill with cough he got screened for TB because of his colour and family background.

I am white British and as such I will not be screened for TB. For my own chest complaint went ignored for so long. In fact my cough was pleurisy (twenty years of pleurisy) right up to when I got a private x-ray to prove I had shadows on my lungs in 2009. Then the NHS diagnosed me as cystic lungs. I asked that they screen me for TB but it was refused as unnecessary as, I am told, it is impossible for me to get TB.

I speak to health professionals about my worries. They agree, unfortunately, and tell me it’s because of where I live. I agree with them but I obviously know that isn’t the case as I’ve lived all over the UK. Many professionals are leaving the UK, unable to cope with the mounting problems and hypocrisy. This isn’t the answer.

Whilst there are people treating the NHS as a cash cow for their own agendas, there are also Doctors of every colour and creed who would never consider treating patients differently regarding their colour. These Docs mustn’t be abandoned, nor should the system which has apparently abandoned them.

The National Health System is something exceptional. In theory it does work, the corruption and bare faced lies must stop as they make the system wasteful and divisive.

I feel a patient body should be set up for each national health trust, to check the literature being printed and circulated is factually correct as much of it currently isn’t and to ensure that all patients complaints are dealt with.

I hope this ethnicity rubbish isn’t being taught in Medical School as this problem will go on to cause much division, pain and heartache for generations to come.

National Health Service (NHS) culture is sustained by a set of core values including respect and dignity, compassion, and inclusion – the latter refers to a commitment to treat everyone with equal respect and significance.

Click to access nhs-providers-wres-implemetation-chairs-and-ceos-17-march-16.pdf

An example of the literature I am talking about…there is no evidence of these factors for the UK, Yvonne Coghill, the author, uses evidence from America to back up her claims.

Many thanks for reading.

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  1. An excellent experience describing the reality behind government run healthcare. No thank you. I prefer my private insurance and one that I get to choose what doctor I can see and when.

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