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Don’t Be Messing With Me – Short Article and Song

For those interested I spend my time attempting to write books. I have it all planned out in my head and in numerous places around the house etc. Three books are planned which form a series. This is the plan which helps me look to the future.

To be fair, it’s hard to focus and I’m easily distracted as a change of scene helps deal with physical issues so I tend to go with the flow. Recently I have had a breast cancer scare and although thankfully nothing sinister is going on, the whole affair made me realise I’m always living life on the edge in an emotionally sense.

Often I am reading about climate change and how it is about to end the world (which could be happening) alongside rubbish like the gas we breathe out (CO2) is bad for the environment (which is stupid).

I wonder if these two are somehow related. Reading about some religious folk telling me how fantastic their religion is and I read about the awful things their religion does…related because religious folk also talk about the end of the world, and how they will be saved from the destruction.

Generally these religions lie when they say they are peaceful…they are peaceful in the location they are collecting monies in but further field a certain doctrine is used until fear takes over in rational minds and are people are subdued.

I’m told having a scientific mind and not believing in god is evil. Laugh my fucking butt off and roll it across the carpet. Perhaps it is because I have faith in humans I can live with myself.

My belief is that religion is a cult of heathens tied to our distance past who just wont let go of ancient ways because of money. I’m profiled by religious doctors and by a society which can not handle the truth about itself. Or worse, paints it’s fellow man with the same desires and ambitions.

From my home I can see the Seventh Day Evangelists headquarters, a Islamic mosque, the Mirror Print facility and a skip yard. I often wonder which ones spills out the most rubbish in a day.? The skip yard is filthy…but you can see the dirt. It becomes recycled material which has some use to our society.

The Mirror Print facility not only prints my favourite paper, The Mirror, but also all the other major newspapers, such as the Telegraph, Independent, The Sun and The Guardian as it is expensive to do print runs and it is the largest facility left.

Life is full of hypocrisy and bullshit. Five words kept drilling me over and over so in the end I grabbed my guitar. This song came about from the ether. My current coping mechanism appears to be writing simple songs which are a joy to play perhaps not so on the ear but a joy to play and sing none the less!!!

video of song is at the end


Don’t Go Messing With Me

Song D Am Am G

Intro D


Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

I long to be free, I long to be me

Don’t be messing with me now don’t be messing with me

I wanna know, where flowers grow

The bird and bees, and bunches of trees

I wanna know, where do you go?

When you are not being thee, where do you be?


I may look weak, turn the other cheek

It’s not apathy. I drink lots of tea

I stay calm and carry on

Cos you ain’t getting to me, don’t be messing with me


Repeat chorus to fade.

Thanks for reading/listening. Comments always welcome.


  1. I do believe in global warming, but I also believe that it’s been warming for some time now, aside from the Younger Dryas. I think that we need to keep politicians from sticking their noses into science. Anyway, I love the song and your voice! Nicely done. šŸ™‚

    • I believe in global warming too ! Although, not a global wipe out. Thank you for your comments you are always so kind. It makes me proper happy that you liked the song…I’m not sure I ought to be encouraged too much šŸ˜‰