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Stars Likes – Poem


I try and like people

I really do

I wonder if it is like this for you

Inside my smile is not heartfelt

To be frank

It’s an effort to stop the slime spilling out

Do they contact me to torture me?

To drive home the disparity

I feel that they do

No more interested than you

You’ll read a line, maybe two

Then wonder what else you will do

To fill the time between here and there

Join hands and we all pretend to care

Perhaps I see myself in you

Acting our part, hard to do

Yet we all must continue

Towards the star that bares our name

Up in skies ours yet to gain

My fellow souls are way up there

Beyond the reach of those that bare

Arms against our fellow man

For family’s blessed plan

I’m pleased some souls see me

Life bearable on this planet be

Without some souls getting through

I’d be at a loss

As I try to like people

I really do.




written by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

This is about feeling as if I don’t fit in here on Earth…

Where else could I be??? Thankful to be here but wonder why I feel so displaced and suspect it is my mental health but often wonder if others feel the same.


All comments welcome.



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