Seven Mortal Sins








These are the seven deadly or mortal sins.

I was sent to Sunday school, Crownhill Methodist Church in Plymouth, England, UK.

The bible fascinated me in my younger days but circumstances drew me away from the church and we enjoy a mutually acceptable estrangement now.

I’m drawing back on some of my Sunday School stories now as were unusual, like not sowing your seed on farrow land (doh) or my favourite, The Good Samaritan or the foot washing prostitute story. Ah, those wonderfully innocent stories…

It’s funny but I don’t remember seeing anything about modesty.  I do remember that Lust was something to avoid, being mentioned nearly two hundred times, throughout both the old Testament and new. For me this is quite striking as it flies in the face of most current religious rhetoric.

Most religions are requesting humans cover up to avoid lustful intentions – this does not make you less likely to be lustful! Being lustful is a state of mind.

To blame it on how someone else is dressed is lying.

Just saying.




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  1. Some of the lust stores were in the expunged books of the bible. The Book of Enoch in particular describes how the angels came down from heaven, lusted after the earth women, and mated with them. Their progeny are monstrous, which gets God’s ire and he brings the flood. The Flood story makes much more sense this way. 😀