Hot. A Poem.

What a fantastic benefit you are

Transporting me to the stars

An endless devour


A shining, straight up type of guy.

Until, I leave your side

Comfort and warmth, within you resides


Truth be told

Within the waves you unhold

Ancient healing power told


Gush forth your charms

A vertical line of divine just for me

I’m grateful, eternally.


Hands move, eager to turn you on

Your fluids therapeutic

Soon, I float by your arms


The End


Old Fashioned “What Am I?” Poem .

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris



1 Comment

  1. Being a morning procrastinator, I don’t often have time for a bath, but more of an emergency shower each day. That’s a product of hitting the ‘snooze’ feature on my alarm clock more times than necessary. But to your poem, you captured that feeling of being surrounded by comforting warm water.

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