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I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

So America is still blocking access to their country…

I must hit three posts a day that I am not allowed to read because I am in the European Union. So, America…What you got that’s so special?

They say that it is because of data protection.

Who are they trying to kid?

English have a saying,

“Don’t piss on us and tell us it’s raining.”

But is it just America? China? Russia? I had a little look.

I found that this is now a playground…

Like a bunch of school kids really, the way some behave.

Country blocking software…wow.

Is England doing it too??? Let’s see…


So, that is a yes then…


However, I couldn’t find out what the Americans are doing….perhaps they don’t know about the software? Unlikely. It’s more likely that they are not showing their citizens either or because I’m not willing to go ‘dark’ I’m not able find the info from England.

England is easy as it’s a little island. I understand and welcome the surveillance as I feel that England needs the extra security. However, it depends who, what and why (www).

Law enforcement and security are important but as seeing as anyone can get one of these ‘easy catchers’ I feel I have to be against this software…on principle of it now being used for illegal activity.

The software you can purchase…

Call and message inception £20,000 (bargain) software available for sale…being sold as repeaters to Russia and Israel first, Africa and south America. As seen above video. The seller made it clear that it should be used legally. But, essentially, all he needed was ‘assurances’ from private companies to sell to them.

It’s not just your gods watching you as you can hear from the background of this.


I realised around twenty years ago that there is no privacy. Sad to say, it’s kind of impossible to keep everything secure and I pay a huge wack attempting to keep my machines running against the onslaught of people hacking me.

At some point, when everyone realises that nothing was ever ‘private’, none of it will mean anything. I mean to imagine that it was when your information was going through servers held by authorities you don’t know anyway is kind of strange. Just saying.

There will be too much data for anyone to possible analyse properly. (AI is catching up but must be decades behind schedule).

If privacy is a concern regarding snooping, an idea would be when you purchase hardware, to always register it in a common name with a common address.

My Name Is Maximus.

As it is against the law in most countries for the companies to use the data so I call bluff on whether it really affects us as individuals in a real sense. Which kind of leads me to my original reason for posting,

“so why do countries not let us read their news stories?£” – typo

Unless you are doing something illegal why worry?

So, come on, open up…show us yours…


By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris.

Thanks for reading.