Brexit is a BAD word.

So, it seems that Labour is somewhat compromised. Conservatives are so out of touch it is incredible to think that they actually want to win…which is why I think they called the election, Boris doesn’t give a shit. He is a one trick pony and that is a Shetland.

I say this with the utmost respect for trying to do a good job in a bad situation.

England needs to stay in Europe. It’s very simple. And the corruption in EU needs to be addressed. It is the right system for us. It is where we belong. We are Europeans before we are Indian, Jewish, Islamic or Bangladeshi and I really don’t care if those religious nationalities have a problem with me because I’d like to have it out for discussion.

The Lib Dems ( yeah I know) have not helped themselves by initially backing the referendum on EU membership which got us into this mess. However, they have seen the error of their ways and now fully back staying in the EU.

This is what swung me.

I’ve been a stanch Labour supporter all my life. But, I live in Watford (near London) where we have had a labour polices in place which have seen my family and I given a inferior service because of our race. Don’t argue, it is fact and I have posted several articles on the discrimination faced in the London and Greater London area on this blog with the evidence.

Housing, social care and medical services are geared towards different ethnicity as the NHS are running cohort studies, preferential treatment tiers and programs of study designed to only help some areas of the populations whilst leaving others to basically look after themselves. It sums up as a denial of service.

I may add that there is still no provision to safeguard children. In fact I recently read the first paragraph of a report into child sex exploitation which incorrectly states that child sex exploitation is not defined by law….well it is. UK law states you can not have any sexually relations with a child under 16 years of age. That is pretty well defined by law.

Two years to write a report and that is the first paragraph something needs to change.

Enough is enough, get administration under control in this country. Stop farming out contracts to private firms in social, medical and housing provision.

Sixteen hours a week is not a full time job…not.

England needs to get back into the EU asap. The corruption, conspiracies and wrong doings are not going to end if we brexit. In fact we will just be getting more of the same of what we have now. England don’t have control.

Brexit is bad word.