Cough Please… NHS Privatisation.

I live in the UK – in England next to London, within the M25.

The M25 is the ring road which goes around London, so pretty close to the capital of our great, green and lovely country.

Where I live there are several supermarkets, lots of roads, a chemist, lots of new home building sites, a school, a hospital and two branch doctor surgeries. The school, hospital and doctors surgeries are over subscribed.

There is much talk about making our national health service private…

I keep reading the current news and thinking it’s all very bizarre. The NHS has already been privatised.  Ever since the ‘right to choose’ policy’s came in.

My GP recommended several private hospitals for an ongoing complaint of mine and organised for my operations through this scheme.

In another example, my Urogynaecologist was flown out to Las Vegas by the implanting providing company Johnson & Johnson…and he was given a fat handshake too.

If a patient gets sent out to a clinic from our current GP surgery it is to a private run Rheumatology clinic not a NHS one, there are loads of them springing up. It is a rarity to get treatment at the local hospital. However, the NHS is funding this.

If you take out a private healthcare policy you still see your GP…and the treatments will be expanded…these things have been in place for years and are why our NHS is failing. The funding is going everywhere and to anyone. They can set up shop at a Midwifey unit such as the Phoenix unit in South Oxhey, get the funding and then resign leaving junior staff to pick up the pieces – obviously mistakes are made.

All these clinics and private surgeries take patients from the local hospital and so affect their funding. And whilst it is admirable to hear the authorities rallying around about whether they sell off the NHS it is worth remembering they already did it.


Our DNA as NHS patients has been sold and used for medical research in many other countries other than our own.

In fact, as patients within the NHS, our data is used to promote funding and monies the world over – not necessarily to help ourselves. Access to our own data and scans is almost impossible but as part of a cohort study you could view them…

As usual in the UK they are doing is pissing on us and telling us it’s raining.

We need to stay in the EU and get some proper administration back into our systems as right now they are not fit for purpose.

We need to treat everyone the same and stop the segregation of treatments and have a standard of practise that all GPs and hospitals have to adhere to.

There should be a proper complaints procedure…too many hospitals and staff are not aware of the rules of complaint and that all companies over three employers should have a valid and consistent complaints procedure in place. Our hospital doesn’t.

It has Pals. A voluntary staffed organisation with no teeth, or organisation.

In order to get a real complaint in against the NHS one must use a private firm to bypass the hospitals fragrant breaking of UK law.

So the NHS needs to be brought back under public control,  as its’ costing the country millions more to run a disjointed NHS such as this!




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  1. Can’t argue with any of that. The NHS is a precious jewel and must be preserved at all costs. My daughter is a senior practice nurse at Great Ormond Street hospital and sees the insidious, drip, drip of privatisation first hand. It must be stopped without delay or we will lose the most cherished section of The Welfare State