HRT and the NHS Restrictions/Rations.

Can’t get hold of Hormone Replacement Therapy here in the UK.

Let’s be honest and frank. Hormones are life enhancing performance drugs. Doesn’t matter how you want to paint it up. They work.

Supply was simply cut off the week before Christmas. I’d had problem each month I’ve attempted to get my prescription over the last six months with the GPs refusing to prescribe more than one month at a time.

I’m on HRT because in 2018 after four years of throwing up constantly (CVS), weight loss, hot flushes, fatigue, brain fog, breast/rib pain, vaginal pain, bladder pain and continual endometriosis after hysterectomy in 2005, my Gynae decided to do some blood tests as he suspected the menopause could the source of my problems.

He was right. The blood tests showed I had been right through the menopause and had zero hormones in my system. The HRT allowed me to start thinking, also it helped bring down the inflammation in my body. Even my breasts stopped hurting so much.

I learnt that it is used as a cure for cancer – yes HRT patches are used to treat breast cancer. This is a surprise as all the press coverage in the UK is about how harmful HRT is and it’s links with breast cancer. So, it does seems bizarre that it is also a treatment for breast cancer. I’m told there are different types of cancer some are responsive to Oestrogen and others grow cancers more with Oestrogen.

I also learnt that HRT helps prevent and treats Osteoporosis – crumbling of the spine. This is something many women really suffer with and could really benefit from HRT if they weren’t so scared of taking HRT because of the media coverage on breast cancer.

Within months of being on HRT I took myself off the antidepressants they had me on as because I was sleeping and able to deal a little better with my pain levels I didn’t need the antidepressants. I also cut my pain relief down completely stopping Tramadol.

I started writing because I could think and plan to do projects. This was the most revealing and liberating part of starting HRT.

However, now I’m unable to source the HRT patch suggested by my Gynae. Chemists are unable to get the medication and it’s not just me. For some reason, and there are none that seem real – women are being denied their medication.

I’ve been told there was a fire in the factory and shortages are world wide by a NHS source. Having looked into this it’s a smelly lie. As here in the UK it is all types of HRT that are in short supply.

Personally I’m paranoid as hell about the NHS. I feel this could always be political. After all there is no risk to men…whether they are taking hormones for trangender changes or just for their health there is no increased risk of cancer to them…how is that?

Over a million women are affected by the lack of hormone therapy here in the UK. It affects things. For example, I couldn’t vote in the General Election as I was struck down with no HRT and norovirus at the same time like thousands of others here. Just saying.

This is directly affecting women. I have not heard of one transgender person, male or female, unable to get their medication…just saying.

There is not a world wide shortage. So why are the NHS refusing to supply the drugs that are medically necessary to their patients?

From one very angry, sweaty and sick to the back teeth of the NHS, woman.

I’ve been given a temporary replacement but this is not good enough. It is disgraceful that the NHS has not secured supplies for this necessary medication. Flooding the media with scare stories of HRT causing breast cancer will not stop us wanting our medication.

It is sexism. It is discrimination.



So what is the real reason? Any ideas?