empty toilet bowl

Being Sick – poem

Rolling, reeling, retching

Around the heat

Cold arms

Hot feet

Recoiling, peeling, horrible feeling

Rolling retching reeling


Mouth furry

Head blurry

Teeth seem out of reach

Stuck with dried lips

Dry on dry

Trying to suck something by



Get the water down

Reeling, retching and rolling around


One feels it rising from deep inside

One begs and pleads for it to hide

But no. it’s coming

You continue to ride


This is a ride you want to get off

Any stop, any port, station or pot

Oh to get rid of the wave

Would be bliss

But, there is no sign of this.


Retching, rolling, reeling

Oh what a horrible feeling

Staring at the loo or the ceiling…

It drags on and on

Soon it will be gone

Retching rolling and reeling.


The End

Samantha Harris on vomiting recently with nova virus


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