CoVid - 19 graphic

CoVid-19 Lock Down – Poem

The cranes lie idle

Fewer cars drive by

Blue lights flash, as ambulances fly

Rainbows inside windows

Less aeroplanes in the sky

The NHS is readying for slaughter

I’m isolating from my son and my daughter.

China says, “Test, test, test”

Boris says, “No, Brits are best”

All were hoping the bug would pass them by

Outbreaks of altruism

Enforced DNRs

Populations around the globe

Do not know where they are

Spring is here

The sun is in the sky

And all we can do for England, is

Watch through windows, as death goes by

Empty Streets, empty shelves and empty wallets

The poor were starving before

Now, there’s no one coming to the door

Stay home, please do not become an official death

Take in this virus and life could be left

Taken into hospital, away from your home

It seems that death from coVid-19 is always alone

I wish you well on this beautiful day

Life is so special in so many ways

Be strong in faith that we will pull through

Maybe call that friend that you always meant to?

Remember that life always moves on

Today is tomorrow’s history and soon will belong.

Take care.


The End

by Samantha Harris