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Just Let Them In – Queuing

Being housebound, I’m rather good at being on my own.

For most though enforced isolation is rather a shock. The coVid-19 virus has locked down many cities across our globe and many people are, understandably, worried.

During lock down we are under ‘social distancing’ rules. This means that people have to queue, two metres apart, to get into a supermarket or store to be able to shop.

Why we’re on lock down – About coVid-19

This is a link to the world health organisation – worth watching and keeping up to date with. It tells you about the virus.

Thankfully most people – at least 90% who catch it, will survive the virus.

How much damage the virus does is up to our leaders and to our behaviour.

Keep an eye on our community, ensure medical equipment and share information – all seem obvious ways to move forward in wellbeing.

But it isn’t the virus I want to write about.

Health workers deserve our respect.

It is respect for them that I want to talk about.

I have spoken to caregivers and nurses regarding time spent standing in queues. It’s shocking, to be frank.  as also ambulance staff are standing in queues…they have their uniforms on and tired expressions….These key workers are looking after mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and so many others affected by the virus…doing jobs we can’t even imagine.

They are queuing to get food on their breaks or before they go home after looking after these elderly, sick or vulnerable people…they have limited time, most are working whilst being poorly themselves from being worn out.

Key workers do not have the same amount of time as most people who are currently isolating because of the lock down .

I call on people to allow health workers and key workers to go in front of you in the queue. This will be hard for some people…maybe you can justify your place in the queue because you are poorly or you are collecting for someone who is sick…but remember you are probably not on a deadline…

Most of us do not have the ability to help with medical supplies or money but we do have time and time is something which is in short supply to nurses, hospital staff and key workers. Just let them in…