tower block shadow

My Social Landlord – Poem


My Social Landlord

I’ve moved my bed twice this year
I no longer wanted to peer
At the stain coming through my ceiling
It’s rather unappealing
And then there is the noise
Not just a distraction, it really annoys
It starts with the wind
Whistling through the building, it begins
To bang the faulty fire doors
The land lord knows
It’s all been reported before
Broken landing window
On the sixteenth floor
Should we be grateful that these doors open?
Not like the main one,
The exit on the ground floor
Broken for weeks that electronic door
And then there’s the lift
Or elevator, some say
All of us residents know the way
Avoid the dodgy lift and choose ‘lift 2’
You could be stuck in it for hours
Whilst they order a new part from Timbuktu
In very recent weeks
People have dropped between floors
But that does not bother our landlords
The lift grinds up and grinds down
Scraping noisily up the tower oh the sounds
Residents living in fear of what will happen next
Rubbish is everywhere
Parking is a mess
The cleaner should have retired some decades ago
But they keep him to ensure the show
From the foyer to the top of the block
To retire him now would be a shock
Then, just as corona virus hit
Our landlord made our heads split
It shared our personal details with thousands of strangers
Then had a cheek to tell us
“They are working hard to keep us from dangers”

By Samantha Harris



  1. Good idea to move your bed. My mother used to tire of life in our rental and every six months or so she moved everything about just to reset her mind. It never bought her peace but it seemed to cheer her. I hope you don’t find it condescending to write. Nice work! But it did strike a note with me.

    • “I hope you don’t find it condescending to write” – Of course not. Your comment was lovely. I didn’t know how to reply at the time. I rarely move my bed as I have to get some help, generally things do stay where they are for years with me. I had to move my bed as I have water very slowly coming through from the roof and the stain, on my ceiling, was getting bigger and I was thinking anytime this will start dripping on me!