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Crafty Pleasures During Covid19 Lockdown – Article

As Amazon always use a lot of packaging it’s hard for me, being a green sort of gal, to throw it away. I keep it for arts and crafts projects. People like me come into our element at times like these. I wanted to share this with you in case you are stuck inside with no access to a shop to buy materials.

In Britain we are isolating at home because of the covid19 scare. Some children are entertaining themselves by spotting items others have put in their windows. So when they are out for their exercise the children can go on ‘hunts’ to find different shapes and animals…ie a bear hunt. As the playgrounds are taped off this is some entertainment.

A popular motif is the rainbow as it signifies unity. We are using it to show the Health Care Assistants, Key Workers and NHS staff that we are behind them and staying home. We’re isolating from our loved ones to try and ease the pressure on hospitals and lessen transmission of the sometimes deadly, covid19.

Boosting moral is something many of us can do. I know I feel rather useless at times like this. No longer able to volunteer in a practical sense. The photo accompanying this article is of a dragon I put in my window. If a dragon is too complicated, then do something you can draw.

Then cut around the picture. If you do use amazon packing paper you’ll notice it’s perforated. This means you could elongate your picture by putting it either side of the window break. Then using sellotape or blue tack stick it up on your window.

I had a bit of a laugh with my dragon…I sent photo to grandchildren and they thought it was real. Then I spent the next hour making one for her to go on their window at home. Hopefully it will brighten someone’s day. I will share pictures of other scenes I am going to create as I do them…well until I run out of packing materials!!!

Good Luck everyone, at this worrying time.

picture of rainbow showing support for key workers during covid19 crisis