Where’s The Brown? – Poem

Oh my god, I cannot believe…
Just tomato sauce, on the table I see.
Surely, some one has made a mistake.
Not one I would want to make.
Even when things are down
You should always have in some brown
Situations have been bad before
But if you open the cupboard door
And you should no longer see
HP, brown sauce or Daddies!!!
Eggs and Bacon
Sausages and mash
Add to bake beans.
Go on
Just a dash
Fish fingers, chips and peas
And a large dollop of HP
Cheese on toast from the best host
There’s no end to its versatility
Chefs have fallen foul before
When they’ve left brown sauce off the floor
No sadder sight there is to see
Than no brown sauce for my tea
You see I love the taste
I turn that bottle upside down
Shake it strongly and pat it all around
To get out that last little dribble
The bottom of the bottle to have on my nibbles
Remember when shopping, ‘life bag’ in hand
To pop ‘brown sauce’ down on your list
Because giving guests dry bacon sandwiches
Maybe seen,
In some circles
To be taking the biscuit


If the brown sauce makers would like to sponsor me …I’d take a supply of brown sauce for my fee.

Thanks for reading.