To Feel Allowed – poem

Oh where do I begin?

I’m getting annoyed , confused and bored

Reading and liking hoards of

Twisted posts we’ve read before

Saying us folks like staying indoors


At what point do we get angry?

Or think about our security?

I feel an ocean of emotion.

Of what’s done to my family.

I am bored of uplifting morality


Has the media driven

The heart and soul from I and you?

What is real? Do we feel?

Perhaps we do bounce from day to day

No real issues to come our way.


Like sheep in a pen

We stay where we are

Foolish governors dealing a lethal card

Did we notice a choice? Should we rejoice?

It’s Easter weekend after all?


I’m a nutter

Confirmed and medicated so I’ll flutter

A guess at what comes next

That we all end up in a paranoid mess

Having to pray daily for bread and butter.

And be grateful for any other.


Yes, I am tired and angry

I know, and I’m bored

But blimey,

We’ve let them lock us down indoors, and change the laws

‘The powers that be’ have too much now

We’ve not been here before.


The end.