When A Dragon Comes To Town – Illustrated Poem

When a dragon comes to town

It can turn life upside down

One can see the dragon’s toes

On both sides of the road

Eyes pop out of passers by

They can’t believe their eyes


Who can take the dragon down?

He’s bigger than a house.

Who comes forward with a plan?

A tiny, brave mouse.

The question was still asked

How can a mouse take a dragon down?

The mouse shouts out to the dragon,

“Hey, watch where you put your feet.

I’ll take you to the sweetest meats.”


Mouse took dragon from store to store

For the dragon it was a treat


Mouse gave him beer, wine and sausages

More than dragon could eat

Until the dragon could eat no more

He lay his head down upon the floor


Mouse worked quickly

Running all around

He tied that dragon down

With hammers and tacks

He tied him firm to the ground

And to this day that is where

Dragon can be found


The End.


How to trap an annoying dragon

by Samantha Harris copyright 2020

For Isabella and Devon

May you always be happy, healthy and prepared.