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Response to Boris Johnson’s Letter

Dear Prime Minister,

On the 10th April 2020 I received a letter from you asking me to stay in , explaining the governments position and giving me advice.

Within the letter you explain that things are likely to get worse before they get better. I understand, from the news, that things did get substantially worse for you when you contracted this dreaded virus covid19.

I, and the country, all wish you a full and speedy recovery. Flu can leave you feeling very poorly for months and some never get over the consequences. ..and that’s just flu, not the more serious covid19 virus that you have been flirting with.  I’m sure you are feeling pretty rotten. So, rest up with lots of hot drinks!

In response to your request, yes I will stay at home. I value my life. Could you, when you feel up to it, in return, do a few things for me?

One of them, I have already contacted the Parliamentary Health Commission on and my local MP who did say they’d mention it to the Health Minister. I’ll remind you as I’m sure you’ve many things to sort out..

It was regarding the medical records of patients not being accessible to doctors in A&E.

I was concerned that should a patient not be able to verbally give doctors information about their current health conditions and allergies these would not be factored into the patients care. The computer screens in Watford General Hospital will show consultant’s correspondence regarding a patient for the last year or so.

Should a doctor on A&E require a patients notes he has to order them…this is not usually done until a patient is admitted on to a ward and away from A&E.

I’m not a doctor. I am a patient who this has happened to. I thought this was dangerous and as most of our notes are digitalized, I couldn’t understand why the current system is in place, hence me taking it further to parliamentary health commission.

Right now,  with the pandemic there is new, strict covid19 containment protocols.  No one else is allowed to go with a patient suffering with the virus. Communication is difficult when a patient cannot breathe they generally cannot talk to explain that they are allergic to penicillin or have a heart complaint or another relevant condition.

I realise that to have every persons medical records available would be impossible, however, if a patient is local to the hospital and attends that hospital those records should be available at that hospital should that patient present there.

Would you as the Prime Minister undertake to be honest about the deaths which have occurred over the virus outbreak in the same way the Chinese have? In that, they have submitted their treatment of covid19 patients to scrutiny by the worldwide health authorities. Admitting many young people died because they were given too much medication, for too long.

The other items are more personal but still relevant.

I have a close family relative who is a health care worker. Between jobs last week, she witnessed someone lose their life at a bus stop, in Watford, from covid19. The bus stop wasn’t fenced off afterwards. We think that is neglectful…and maybe even a public health risk but have not found any policy on this…is there one?

Her current lack of personal protection wear to assist and keep her safe continues to worry, but more so, her living conditions. Four of them (mother, father and two children) living in a one bed first floor flat. When she caught ‘pleurisy’  in Feb this year and had to isolate in case it was covid19 it was impossible for her to do so. No tests were done.

Both the children have been on GP prescribed ‘cough suppressants’ and inhalers since late last year. No tests done. It is thought the housing situation was contributing to the children’s ill health. The father is a pest controller so both parents have essential roles but must practically strip off at their own front doors to keep the flat clean.

This family is doing their utmost to help and will keep doing so, it breaks my heart that the people who are relying on her are the same people who could make her life easier and safer but are not doing so.

I would ask that you remember this family and other deserving, hard working people who are waiting for more suitable housing to move into. Perhaps the priority to London boroughs could be scrapped so that the housing available could be made available to the local community again? Or families like hers be prioritised in some way?

She lives in the Three Rivers District in Hertfordshire, Greater London.

I will leave you to get some rest.

May you continue to recover from the corona virus and help this country get back on it’s feet. I don’t think there is a human amongst us in the UK, right now, who would like the job you have ahead of you.

The very best of luck and best wishes,

Samantha Harris