masks cast a shadow

Tolerance For Tarot – poem

I just want to shout out for my guide

It is a system known far and wide

It’s called the Tarot and came before

All the religions you lay on the floor

I don’t read for others

Tarot is for family and me

On occasion I’ve been led astray

Denied the acknowledge

To find my way

I lay the cards out

The guide is there

To interpret as I care

Just like Christians who use the Bible

It is my cards that are liable

Similar too are Muslims

For you it is Allah’s big plan

Written in the Qu’ran

Judaism borrowed heavily

Upon the Tarots iconography

Tarot is very tolerant

I don’t believe in ‘heaven sent’

My belief is love and light

For humans and creatures alike

Of the Tarot and questions asked

One must be honest

Accept one’s past

I know you are like me

I know you value

Earth, each other and it’s needs

There is no need to sacrifice

If you walk within the light.


The End.

copyright 2020 Samantha Harris