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Irresponsible Actions of UK Government

15th April 2020 England, UK.

Situation Lockdown

We, in England, are in lockdown (apparently) and are not supposed to leave our homes unless under certain conditions. I say apparently as I live next to a main road and it’s still pretty busy with what people deem to be essential journeys.

For most people it has been life changing. It is restrictive, citizens no longer have the freedom to leave and meet with friends and family or enjoy a social event or leisure activity.

Most of us don’t mind…we knew it was needed. Many of us thought the lockdown should have been harder and sooner but hey ho this is what we got. A semi serious kind of lockdown with the arbitrary threat of a fine if found out unnecessarily.

At this stage most of us know someone who has died from suspected covid19 infection. I live in Hertfordshire and we’ve been hit especially hard. Many of us live on the London border and live in a very diverse neighbourhood.

Many of us live in overcrowded conditions so it is impossible to socially distance or even isolate if one is poorly. People need to know who is ill and who isn’t in order to help stop transmission of the disease.

Seems silly to have to state this but tests are important. When there is a disease outbreak of a virus which some could carry and have little or no symptoms but others could pass it to someone (easily) and it could kill them, it’s a no brainer to test.

If the Government  had tested and isolated suspected cases at the start ie airports and ports, people presenting at hospital with symptoms in December, January, February, one could argue that the rate of transmission would be less and the organisations involved, like the NHS, would be more able to cope.

Yes, it would have been an huge task but we are an island…

Our government was super fast to prop up the businesses..they thought about it and came to the country with a strategy. However, in comparison, they failed to put a strategy in place to save lives.

Their immediate response was to think about money.

The news this morning on BBC1, covered the testing. We learnt that there are several testing firms…they are in competition, for the data and for ingredients with each other. There is little or no communication between testing stations and testing groups. The gentleman, head of biomedical testing for the NHS felt he should have been informed about the governments plans and was unhappy about the lack of strategy and transparency.

So, it’s my worse nightmare,.no overall strategy, lots of private research and testing groups setting up testing stations as well as the NHS staff testing groups.

At this point in time, the current situation really is this;

people within the community who have symptoms are not tested,

people in care homes who have symptoms are not tested,

staff who work for the NHS within hospitals are not tested,

staff who work within care homes are not tested,

patients in care homes are not tested,

healthcare assistants who are looking after those isolating at home and can’t look after themselves, are not tested.

So who has been tested?

Our Prime Minister and all the ministers appeared to have been tested. The Royal family have been tested. In fact, there appears to be a pattern emerging.  It’s a matter of money. Those who can afford it and have friends in the right places have had a test.

Without testing the population how is the government intending to stop transmission amongst the general population in the UK? How is the government intending to lift the lockdown when it can’t know if the killer virus is still at large? Do they have an invisible, magic filter on us which can suddenly tell them we’re not infected?

Many people have said to me “but they don’t have a test”…

They obviously do know how to test for covid19 or look for how did our Prime Minister get tested? How did Prince Charles get tested?

I’m assuming the method for testing must be pretty expensive and us peasants just don’t rate on the scale of human being enough to warrant the cost.

Unfortunately our governments strategy was to allow as many of us as possible to get infected and those of us who survived would have immunity, maybe.

Our  NHS doctors have been busy calling patients telling them that should they get ill with corona virus (untested) they now have an enforced Do Not Resuscitate on their notes so they don’t take up a ventilator which could be used for someone of a higher priority to life. (yep)

Parents of disabled children and parent of children with cancer are told their child does not warrant full treatment when there are ‘others’ who are more worthy needing ventilation of lungs… Children of elderly parents are told that because they are over 70 they will not get priority use of a ventilator should they fall ill at the moment.

It’s no joke.  I’ve never felt more ashamed of the governance. From sending health care workers into work with no protection, no confidence they aren’t infecting their patients or adding to the patient’s viral load every time they care for them, to the thorough shambles of testing, this Government has been rubbish and shown it’s true colours.

They don’t care about us.

They don’t care about the NHS.

They do care about business.

They do care about the Pharma companies

So the pharma companies and the government are working on a vaccine – they tell us it will be the gold standard of vaccines. Well as corona virus mutates so easily one has to ask the value of vaccine and how long would it be useful? Perhaps treatment would be a better option in the long run?

 One more thing…they tell us the new vaccine will be the ‘Gold Standard’.

Gold Standard – The same term the pharma companies used to fool millions of people into having mesh implants…it is a term I do not trust.

The governments use of this term of gold standard sent me down a rabbit hole for two days. I was researching vaccine adjuvants – I learnt that they don’t actually know how they work, it was a lucky guess that they just keep doing…a hit and miss kind of affair. Disgusting.

Now, in mathematics you are not allowed to come up with an answer unless you show your working out. Why is medical science different? This is people’s lives after all.

All comments welcome.

Ah not quite over. I found this regarding testing….

It’s from the 13th March 2020. It states that testing is available for private patients.

Now these private tests are needing to be processed.

The samples are sent labs often based at or are NHS Hospitals labs. They are taking in tests from private sector.





  1. “If the Government had tested and isolated suspected cases at the start ie airports and ports, people presenting at hospital with symptoms in December, January……”

    Therein lies the rub. The WHO, supporting the Chinese Government, said early on that human to human transfer wasn’t possible. That delayed testing for at least a month.

    • Oh, I don’t know about that, they claimed there was a new corona virus but that it hadn’t caused deaths..This could be interpreted as dangerous or not…depending on your knowledge of corona viruses..and they published the dna of the virus so other countries could assess the risk to their populations.
      .Regarding the risk to my own health, I was told by text on the 24th March and letter on the 10th April…but it was on the news.
      My daughter works for the NHS – she remains untested. She is looks after patients’ personal care in their own homes, around twenty people a day…She has asthma. But current rules do not allow me to see her or the grandchildren. I’d just like this to be over. Let’s hope it’s soon.