Capt. Tom – NHS Hero – Song +Article


What a guy!!!We’re all saying it in the UK…

One hundred years old..

He started a fund to help the NHS with costs, originally to raise £1,000, during the Covid19 outbreak. However, such was the emotional upsurge for him that he has raised over £12,000,000 .

There are calls for him to be made a Knight. He would become Sir Thomas Moore…Let’s hope he gets that.

In order to raise the funds Capt Tom was sponsored to walk around his garden 100 times. No mean feat when you are told that he is about to turn one hundred years old and walks with the aid of a zimmer frame.

This is my ode to Capt Tom. I’m hoping the David Bowie estate won’t mind me borrowing one of his tunes – it’s only a bit of fun in appreciation of what Capt Tom has achieved.


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