Low Hanging Fruit – Poem

Some issues are hard to discuss

I’ve found this amongst most of us

A major or minor problem it may be

I wonder, do you suffer the same as me?


My nose is rather large you see

But my nose, you can see visibly

I have a need to discuss appendages

Which are covered for the sake of privacy


My problem is not singular

They hang down, in between

I cannot write the words

My meaning you must gleam


When I sit, there is this feeling


It travels through my nether parts

Those located above my knees


I could have them cut away

Is that not a little surgically confused?

If your balls were super sized

Would you have them removed?


I love the feeling I get when I sit

I makes me feel unique

And just by moving all around

I can give myself a tweak


I do talk of suffering,

It’s suffering per se

Tight fitting clothes can make a day seem long, almost tiresome

I wonder how others belonging in this group, get through their day?


the end


Yep, poems are getting ruder as I’m getting more and more bored….

lockdown covid19 isolation poem…? an excuse perhaps? I’m using it.







    • It was a purposefully ambiguous title (kind of) and graphic(defo lol)…I enjoy challenging people’s perceptions. Glad it made you laugh as you’ve given me a giggle several times! Thanks for comment.