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Call Me A Cynic – Covid19 ‘Masks’

Call me a cynic but our current governments  refusal to accept that masks would be a good idea in the battle to help slow transmission of a deadly disease may be because wearing a mask may mess with the AI Facial Recognition software results?

This article tells us in the UK that other forces are using the software. However, I can assure you that most people in the UK are not aware of this software being in use in the public domain.

It’s the only thing which would make sense. Why would our government want us to go against most medical advice to wear a mask in the middle of an air born tolerant contingent otherwise?

Our gov could say it’s following WHO advice on the covid19 infection but it isn’t strictly as it is not pointing out to the public that should they have any symptoms they should be covering their mouths…in fact our politicians are fairly clear that they feel healthcare workers may be overusing masks but they may bow to public pressure.

UK Government at risk of ‘bowing to public pressure’ on face masks, leading microbiologist claims

But I will leave this here, when the whole world was wearing masks our gov was saying not to wear them in public…that it wasn’t necessary… when so many deaths were occurring, averaging 400 a day deaths, one has to wonder why.

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