Vanilla skies over Watford in Autumn 2019

For Nick – Poem

You walked away, a year ago today

It’s the first I’ve thought of you, my thoughts led astray

You were my friend, more so, truth be told

I thought we’d know each other old


Truth is, you left when I needed you most

When my life was in despair, you left me there

I’d looked in a mirror and I’d seen the sky

Swore wings were growing, I thought I would die


But you saw someone selfish, someone who cared for no one

Yet, I’d cared for you more than the sun

I’d given my home, my heart and my family

And you, you shared a little with me


I knew we’d lost you some time ago

When, to another world, you preferred to go

I see you sitting there now, still reigning

Hearing no whinging or complaining

Someone comes and cleans your mess, launders your clothes, helps you dress

I hope the wonderful vocal you rise to, brings you comfort

Cocoon you

Remember you still have stuff here

Perhaps you should be brave enough to call?

Don’t bother to beg and crawl

I’ll have it packed up, in a hold all.


I certainly wish you no harm

Please send my love and best wishes to your mum

You abandoned someone you said you loved

And now, you’re just someone, I rarely think of.


The End.

copyright Samantha Harris @unextraordinarybint 2020



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